Friday, May 24, 2019

The dangers of drugs.

I remember when I was young going to school and actually learning about drugs. Of course, the law enforcement officers told us these things are dangerous. However, the same officers basically educated us on how to use drugs safely. The result illicit drug use skyrocketed. 

We have a friend Jay, who used to play eve online with us years ago. He did not have a job as he was on disability and received money from the government. 

As we worked together in the game he opened up more and more about his personal life. Drugs were a major part of his daily routine. Things changed we had to go to India for a year, and when we returned to Korea we kind of lost touch. When we do finally talk to each other we find out that he has cancer. He blames it on his lifestyle, which I assume was the heavy drinking and use of drugs. I recently found out that his brother has life-threatening liver issues. 

You see when these guys were young they abused alcohol and drugs. It weakened their bodies. They did not notice it because some organs have a remarkable ability to regenerate (liver). Others can take serious damage and keep on working by working around the damaged areas  (brain)

The human body has a breaking point these guys and people like them suddenly drop dead in their late 40's, and early 50's. I have read of so many artists, actors, singers dropping dead. I hope our friend can make a recovery or perhaps his cancer can go into remission. My coworker is helping me to make changes in my life. I know I need to be more and more active. I have been losing weight for 1.5 years at a steady pace. I do not drive anymore as my workplace is only 5 minutes from where \I live. I wish things in Gunsan could have been similar. Actually, I am so happy to leave that dysfunctional school behind. Driving actually put on pounds.  

Friday, May 10, 2019

It has been a while..

Things are going great! The weather is still nice (spring is really short in this part of Korea). The entire family saw End Game (Avengers 4). It was a nice movie. I loved all of the dialogue, it was action every second. There was a lot of character building. It will be interesting to see what new movies come from Marvel.

I have been enjoying late night picnics with Yogita. It is a tradition we started in Gunsan. Basically, we find a nice park and bring some finger food with a bottle of whiskey, or some other spirit. We talk snack and drink for HOURS. It really helps our marriage. We argue (quietly) laugh, make plans, discuss our boys. It is the ultimate together time for us. What is really nice is that we usually turn our phones off. We focus on each other. Today too many couples after spending years together just become roommates. After a time they end up drifting away from each other.

Tonight we will go to a Tuna fish place near our apartment...ought to be nice!!