Friday, August 16, 2019

Another Sandwich day...

Yesterday was Korea's independence day. We had a nice day. Yogi and I played some games in the cooler hours then napped. The boys read books and also napped. In the evening it was about the same.

The odd thing is the next day. Going into on work after a middle of the week holiday. Your body thinks it is Monday. A teacher told me that in Korean there is an expression for such days. I simply told her that I call days like this "Monday-Friday". It is not so bad when it is Thursday. Wednesday holidays UGH such odd weeks when that happens.

It seems like the hottest month is over and things will cool down. I can not wait for winter. I get more exercise in cooler months. In the summer I sweat like crazy. is time to go two classes and this Monday-Friday will be done! LOL


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