Friday, August 23, 2019

There comes a time in ones life..

I have met so many different types of people over the years. I have worked with many people over a decade (the same coworkers). I have now worked at a number of Hagwons in Korea. I have noticed something. There comes a time in ones life to take a look at what you are doing, and take it easy.

I will not use names only Yogi and I. When Yogi was first working she was so strict, that is caused her a lot of stress while not working. I told her time and time again this is not healthy. After some time she agreed with me and started to not take things so seriously. It resulted in reduced stress she was able to become even more innovative, and creative. She became a better listener. In turn a better learner. It was the same with me. I used to be so focused on my work not realizing that I was actually doing a disservice. For me that time in my life came 7 years ago. In 2012 my mother died. It brought many things into perspective.

Different Hoqwan owners have come to this point as well. When they would sit down with me and discuss their feelings about "work" or "business" I could see what was the trigger for them to take it a bit easier. People can not help but realize life is not all that long. When you are in the grind time FLIES. Years melt away like a stick of butter on glowing coals. Those years are actually your life speeding by with little or no substance. You take a break but it is so fleeting that those memories are buried by more mundane stress that piled on due to work.

One boss I worked with had a set up that required so much time and effort to get a certain task done, that I could see the stress on that persons face.  Eventually strict guidelines start getting loosened. Either by "forgetting" that certain things need to get done. Or procrastinating with certain mundane needlessly tedious, and time wasting tasks. English teachers in Korea who have been around long enough and treat their occupation like a real job will understand what these "tasks" and "procedures" are. It makes me shake my head when I see it. I however, just go with the flow.

However, it all comes to the same place at the end. People get to a certain point when there comes a time in their life that caused them to make changes and take it easy. Taking it a bit easier does not mean to become complacent, or lazy. It means to expend your energy where it matters most. The result when issues arise you become: a better listener, observer, multitasker, and leader. This is mainly for people in management and leadership roles. Teachers are including as well.


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