Thursday, August 22, 2019

Upgraded to the Note 10+...

This upgrade was needed. But not for the obvious reasons like needing a better camera, larger screen.
Basically, I love the note 8 9 and 10 series. I like how the note 9 has wider vapor cooling pipe, on the note 10+ it is a bit better. The Note 8 has one real weak point the small battery. So forget all the gizmos that come with the phone the bezels and what not. The main reason I needed this upgrade is cooling and a larger battery.

I am strange that way. When I upgraded to the LG G Pro 2 from the iphone4 (I I kept the phone for almost 3 years. I lost the backup battery, and the one battery I had..well I killed it FAST.
I enjoyed the larger display the nicer camera, and the fast quad-core CPU coupled with a nice GPU. Not the greatest tech at that time but it was enough. My friend Josh went through perhaps 5 different high-end phones during the time I had the LG phablet.

So this upgrade means that I plan to keep this device for...quite some time. What I am most excited about is passing the Note 8 to Yogita and she can mothball her galaxy-wide 3. That phone runs on 2 gigs of ram. YUCK. It has only 32 gigs of internal storage...what?! So at the moment, I am transferring all of her apps and settings to the Note 8. In six months I will look into getting the battery replaced in the Note 8. For now, I will have yogi carry a 10000 mah battery pack with her.


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