Thursday, September 05, 2019

Chusok is around the corner!

It is that time of year in Korea. Chusok one of the two major holidays in Korea. I think it is translated "harvest festival". Nowadays it is compared to thanksgiving. The holiday can range from 3 days (unlucky) to over 5 days (lucky!). This year it will be 4 days because the main holiday falls on a Friday. The main holiday has the preceding and following days as a holiday. So if the holiday is on Tuesday then Monday Tuesday (main holiday) and Wednesday are holidays. This is nice because it becomes a 5 day holiday.

I used to love this holiday. I would gather up the family and go to another city. I enjoyed the traffic jams. The highways are full of life. People at the rest stops eating resting, and some just waiting out the traffic. You see people of all strata of life on the highway.

Now, I loath traffic jams. Some of the jams...well many of them are caused by accidents. So a road that might have slow moving traffic just sits while an accident is cleared up 3 kilometers away. Even with roads that are wider the congestion is worse. So many people have cars in South Korea. Cars are pretty cheap to when looking at the second hand market. You can buy some well equipped cars, mini vans, or SUVs at a very reasonable price.

Nowadays, I just stay home. We have figure out which places are still open when trying to order food. I like taking long walks during the holiday. So even though it is next week, I am looking forward to it. Many foreigners complain about short vacations. Holidays like this more than make up for it. I am a bit spoiled. For the past 4 years we have had 2 weeks off for vacation. When you add it to the numerous holidays in Korea it is very nice. I want to see if I can enjoy hotpot with Yogita.