Friday, November 22, 2019

Hindustan is calling...

It looks like we will be staying in Korea for one more year. Of course this could change. Right now we are looking at maybe another 14-15 months here. It is so strange that the last 4-5 years have been better than the first 14-15 years. It truly is frustrating when your visa limits you to just one field. If we had more options I would enjoy my life in Korea more. I know this how Yogita feels this way  as well.

India opens so many opportunities for our sons, as well as the United States. Here...we can not do much. Just trying to live your life you find that there are these things that normal people can do but you can not. Buying cars, or homes. Running a business. I remember back in the day you needed a Korean person's citizen number to help get cell phone service. That means that person is privy to all of the details of how you use your phone. I am so glad that has changed. Having a phone under MY name is so much better.

I feel that Korea is making it harder for certain foreigners to stay here. Especially English teachers. Not offering an option for a 1-3 year visa is one. There are plenty of schools here that fail because they can not hold on to talented teachers. Many teachers here feel the same stress of living year to year. I can not wait until I leave that behind.

Banking ugh. It has gotten better...MUCH better but it still needs improvement for expats.


Friday, November 15, 2019

HHD SSD and m.2 ssd

Wow a bunch of letters with a number thrown in. I'm going to talk about hard drives. Basically, if you are waiting 2-5 minutes or even longer for your pc to reboot and get you into windows, you are doing it wrong. If you buy a laptop that boots fast from a small 128gig ssd, while you store programs on your HDD 1 terabyte are doing it wrong. HDD or Hard disk drives at this time suck. Solid state drives have finally come down in price and are MUCH faster, more reliable and they last a lot longer. Also you really do not need massive storage drives anymore. Cloud computing can take a load off of your local storage. Of course you have to use it at your own risk. Many files have been hacked and shared around the internet.

If you have an office or work pc and you want use it longer. There are two things you should do. One make sure that it can run an SSD, max out its ram. If it is using older DDR2 ram throw it in the trash. DDR3 or DDR4. Basically DDR3 is very fast, while DDR4 is 10-20% faster. Today most pcs are sold with DDR4. However, the second hand market is flooded with DDR3 laptops and desktops.

So make sure you have minimum 8gigs of DDR3 ram, and 512 to 1 terabyte SSD drive. That alone will make your office pc last for a few more years. If you have an i5 or an i7 with 4 cores it might last even longer.

Some PC's have m.2 slots for the m.2 ssd drive. These transfer data MUCH faster than regular ssd drives. They are also much smaller and come in different sizes. Ask a trusted pc hard savvy friend to help identify what your machine uses. Desktops can use a PCI adapter to run one or even 2 m.2 ssd's.

Ok some pictures
Here you have the larger thicker HDD on the right Actually the SSD drive on the left is much smaller thinner and of course lighter. The HDD has spinning plates, with a mechanical arm that reads and writes data. Your speed is dependent on how fast the drive can spin. Also the more data you have on the drive can slow it down even more. The SSD has NO MOVING parts. It reads and writes at speeds that would make a HDD fail!

Here you can see that the m.2 drives are like a small memory ship. They are smaller, faster, and not heavy at all. They fit in the palm of your hand. The gaming pc I am using has 2 of the B type slots. So I will be buying 2 512 gig or terabyte drives. I can not wait to install them. 

Ok I have one more class. I had better run!


Friday, November 08, 2019


My last post was from a month ago. So this one is more up to date. My sister in India became seriously ill. I will not go into detail here. She is recovering well though. Sometimes distance can be very scary. A family emergency can really make you look at how you are set up and what you might need to do, to get back to your family.

I feel like I have been very blessed in my life. When I first met my wife I thought I would face all kinds of discrimination. Racism was the really ugly one I was preparing myself to face. Instead I got only love. I gained a new father, and mother. Sisters, and now that they are married brothers as well.

My boys are growing well. Smart full of life learning, excited about what lays ahead for them. I recently told my older son that as long has he can follow the basic rules we have (there are not many and they are pretty obvious) he is welcome to stay with us as long as he wants. When I was growing up I was basically told at a certain point you should make your own way. I want my sons to know that what ever they decided to do we will do our best to support them. I am sure they know this. Actually my oldest son reads this blog so there is that.

My boys are healthy this is another blessing that is easy to take for granted. When we see others that suffer due to health issues that their kids were born with. OK my last class is here I gotta go!



The entire family is looking forward to fall / winter. In Iksan the weather is so mild compared to Gunsan. The boys have made friends in the neighborhood now and those people have dogs. In the summer while they could meet up with their friends on a walk it was a very hasty affair due to the heat and humidity.

But enough of that more serious things are likely down the road from us, My father in India is very ill. His hemoglobin count is only 7 when it should be in the range of 14 to 17. He just had eye surgery. When I have chatted with him he sounded really depressed.

We called later this time he was able to talk to the boys and that really cheered him up. So we are planning to make time to chat with him and he can spent time talking to the boys.

Mom and Dad always say that taking care of our kids felt just like they were taking care of their very kids. They really miss that. I used to spend a couple of hours before I slept watching the neighborhood. Dad told me he felt safer knowing that I was up there. I miss those times. Life is so busy that is easy to forget the good times we had.

I remember I should have listened to Dad's advice about my choice of a job. I chased money, and to be honest I wanted to get back what is normal for us. Meaning that living separated from family doing our own thing. I regret that now. Even though things have turned out really good for us, I feel if I had listened we would have spent many years in India.

Wow this rant started about the changing of the season.