Friday, November 08, 2019


The entire family is looking forward to fall / winter. In Iksan the weather is so mild compared to Gunsan. The boys have made friends in the neighborhood now and those people have dogs. In the summer while they could meet up with their friends on a walk it was a very hasty affair due to the heat and humidity.

But enough of that more serious things are likely down the road from us, My father in India is very ill. His hemoglobin count is only 7 when it should be in the range of 14 to 17. He just had eye surgery. When I have chatted with him he sounded really depressed.

We called later this time he was able to talk to the boys and that really cheered him up. So we are planning to make time to chat with him and he can spent time talking to the boys.

Mom and Dad always say that taking care of our kids felt just like they were taking care of their very kids. They really miss that. I used to spend a couple of hours before I slept watching the neighborhood. Dad told me he felt safer knowing that I was up there. I miss those times. Life is so busy that is easy to forget the good times we had.

I remember I should have listened to Dad's advice about my choice of a job. I chased money, and to be honest I wanted to get back what is normal for us. Meaning that living separated from family doing our own thing. I regret that now. Even though things have turned out really good for us, I feel if I had listened we would have spent many years in India.

Wow this rant started about the changing of the season.


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