Friday, November 08, 2019


My last post was from a month ago. So this one is more up to date. My sister in India became seriously ill. I will not go into detail here. She is recovering well though. Sometimes distance can be very scary. A family emergency can really make you look at how you are set up and what you might need to do, to get back to your family.

I feel like I have been very blessed in my life. When I first met my wife I thought I would face all kinds of discrimination. Racism was the really ugly one I was preparing myself to face. Instead I got only love. I gained a new father, and mother. Sisters, and now that they are married brothers as well.

My boys are growing well. Smart full of life learning, excited about what lays ahead for them. I recently told my older son that as long has he can follow the basic rules we have (there are not many and they are pretty obvious) he is welcome to stay with us as long as he wants. When I was growing up I was basically told at a certain point you should make your own way. I want my sons to know that what ever they decided to do we will do our best to support them. I am sure they know this. Actually my oldest son reads this blog so there is that.

My boys are healthy this is another blessing that is easy to take for granted. When we see others that suffer due to health issues that their kids were born with. OK my last class is here I gotta go!


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