Saturday, February 26, 2005

For Jemal!

well, i just want to thankyou for all the fun time and for driving us around SAFELY....I like the way you make me proud(and look

Good Job!

You are COOL!

It was FUN!

last night we went on a long drive.......we went all the way to Jeonju and back.....Jeonju is Beautiful!!!!! we had a lot of fun.......our baby went to a camp today we will go on a long family drive and this time i will tke pictures..well, got to go cleanup the car...


Thursday, February 24, 2005

Our New Car!

Yeah our car is COOL! We drove around and had a ball. It's cool to see new places and get lost....we are getting used to driving here and thats a lot of fun...anyways, we plan on taking a trip to some nearby small town this weekend.....oh well, 2 more days to go before the weekend...

Have fun!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Thats right we bought a car this feels great driving it. I think we drove maybe 20-30km today because we got lost....drove all over the place! AHHH now we can see all of the places we would like to see with out dealing with a annoying bus full of people! Insurance is not expensive. And it will go down after we are accident free for a year.

Ok we are totally beat today!!!!! We need to get rest!!



Monday, February 21, 2005

New company class.

Ok today when better than I thought it being monday and all.
We started the new company class today.....or rather a new term. It will be difficult to manage
time, but I will try to find some novel way so that each student gets time to practice.
With this particular company large class size is a big issue, so time management is a needed skill.

This week is looking good so far! I cannot wait until the new teacher gets here so that he can lighten the load on the rest of us.


Sunday, February 20, 2005

Wow what week!

Last week seemed bit long because we just got off of a holiday. This week was well....nice.
It was pretty laidback all in all. George is doing great, his potty training is coming along nicely.
Yogita and I are team teaching some of our that is nice! We have to get started with preparations for Yogita's sister. She will be flying over soon (we will send a desktop back with her).

Hopefully by the time she visits we will have our car. I am still sorting that out now.

Next week should be nice.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

It is thursday nigjht!

Oh yeah...just one more class to go..then it is.....friday.

LOL well this week went by rather quickly....I am planning something for the weekend. Should be very exciting.
My weekend class has been moved up to 10am so I will have more of the day to myself! So I am happy about that! Did I say to myself? How boring! No I will spend time with Yogita and George, maybe we can go for a drive? Maybe...we will see. Next week promises to be even more hectic because we will start a 3 month English course with GM Daewoo employees.
Teaching them will be ball!

oh we will see a movie tonight as well. Should be exciting!


Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Ugh...its still raining outside....oh well...hopefully the weekend will be nice and sunny....we always do something on friday...go out and eat, hang with students...anyways last friday we stayed home and i cooked a romantic candle light dinner for us......well we have no plans yet for this friday but if the weather is good i want to go on a walk and eat khamja thang(korean Potato soup)...umm..Yummy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Cloudy day

Ugh. It is cloudly outside...
Basically it has been a good day so far.
Yesterday was Valentine's Korea women give chocolates to men.
Next month on the 14th "white day" in Korea Men will give women candy and flowers.
Flower shops must make a killing during March....

Need to catch up on sleep......


Sunday, February 13, 2005


Today was nice...played lineage, yesterday my class went well. Some students want to take the conversation portion of the class so they want to switch the time. It will be in the morning 10Am.
I will finish at about 2pm (more like 1:55 ish). I think this is easier that the old schedule. 2-5pm, when the class is over is most of the day. Now I will take the class in the morning, then chill all afternoon and evening...not too bad. Can't wait until we get a damm car.

Next week I will brave the course test....get a feel for it. If I feel that it is doable in 2-3 tries, then I will commute to Jeon-ju 2x a week until i succeed. If not then I will join a local school.
Actually i will get more information from the expat community here, I am sure there might be some easier way.

Anyways next week will bring some changes in my schedule I am sure.


Sunday, February 06, 2005

Shortest week of the year is ahead!

Well this weekend was fun...stayed home rested, spent alot of time with Yogita, and George.
However the fun does not stop there! Monday will actually feel like a friday! That is because next week is lunar new year! From tuesday to thursday we will be on holiday here. That means lots of rest! After this month we will have I believe 3 monthes in a row with 3 day weekends.
One nice thing about working in Korea is the many holidays!
Next week I will take a shot at the course test! If I pass then it is on to the road.......might join driving school for that bad boy!

ok that is all for it time for a wierd of the few really nice mondays of this year.


p.s in the future yogita will be posting here more as well!

Friday, February 04, 2005

WOW what a busy week!!!

Well this week started off like any other normal week. However, towards the middle of the week...WOW it suddenly got more busy. I had to take interviews yesterday, on Wednesday I passed the first part of the driving test. I really feel that the first part presents the largest hurdle. In Korea their English driving test contains some horrendous English. Lets just say I am glad that is behind me.
Today will likely be very busy too. At the company I have to take more interviews, then I have to email some work to another company. Then I might go out with students again, that is fun. This week has been very busy. Next week there will be a 3 day holiday....i intend to enjoy the holiday, as much as I can....and get plenty of rest.

I will be starting a blog on Lineage soon so I will not post info about lineage here anymore.
Ok that is all for now. I will take a stab at the next phase of driving test next week, maybe I will pass it in one go? Maybe....maybe.