Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A very Monday feeling Monday...

Of course, it is Tuesday here in East Asia but wow did it feel like a Monday! I was sick for the entire holiday. I could not go to Kwangju with Josh and his wife.I could barely move. Yogita caught the bug as well. We basically stayed in our room and rested hoping the next day would be different. It wasn't. We slept, woke, slept again. I had strange feverish dreams that I can remember but describing them is impossible.The boys were worried about us. They don't have t worry it will take more than a seasonal bug to do me in. Besides if I do succumb my computers become theirs. No, they were worried.

Today I am feeling better. Body temperature isn't fluctuating every 30 minutes. I still don't have much of an appetite. My co-worker Carmel made me some tea, very nice of her. I surprised some people at dinner time. You see dinner is the usually the first meal of the day for me. I am always chowing down. Today...I could only manage a few spoons of soup. The Tea is good though boosting my blood sugar levels.

I am afraid Josh will get hit hard by this bug. He started showing symptoms today. It could mean that he will be out of the woods when our vacation starts this Friday. On the other hand being sick during a workweek yuck!

Jed seems to have had the same type of Christmas holiday I had.

So we have 3 days, no 2 days left in this workweek. Solider ON!!!!!


Friday, December 15, 2017

Sometimes Bullies need to be stopped!

Last year around this time our boiler in our apartment started leaking. I was in Iksan at the time and Yogita was alone with our boys. The family downstairs basically ganged up on Yogita. Calling her bad names using swear words, even pushing her several times.

The main issue is that this happens on a yearly basis because the landlord does not want to fork out the cash and buy a new boiler. They are not expensive...200-300 bucks. What happens though is that the people who live below use this as an opportunity to "complain" and ask for money due to damages.

In Korea, if you notice any water leaking into your apartment you are supposed to take care of it asap. Well, Yogita did not notice our boiler was leaking. Neither did I. Actually this was about a year and a half ago. It was not even winter, perhaps late summer when this took place. According to people who live below us, they claimed that the water damage was great that they wanted money. Interestingly enough they actually said they wanted money for repairs. Only that basically it was stressing them out they would have family members coming over blah blah blah. They took pictures and showed Yogita the damage. It was minor. However, they claimed that it had been leaking for a long time.

So they rush upstairs banging on the door and shouting at the top of their lungs. An argument ensues and basically, Yogita is outnumbered. She feels overwhelmed and even starts to cry.

Fast forward to this year. We have been keeping a very careful watch on the boiler this time. It is a daily routine. However, on Monday the boiler suddenly started making hissing noises. We turned it off properly.

Right away minutes after the leak we get in contact with the landlord. She takes her good old time and we have to endure the freezing cold for 2 nights. Finally, the water that was in the boiler has started to leave downstairs...again. This happens while we are asleep. We wake up to someone ringing our bell nonstop. Well, when I open the door I see it is the guy from the apartment below. I think he is surprised to see me. Too bad for them now that I am in the picture I knew that I would not let Yogita get bullied again.

The next day the landlord tries to blame Yogita, when it was the landlord who took her good ole time to come. We called the service number on the boiler and they wanted the landlord to contact them to give them permission to start working. The stupid landlord took her time. In fact, she never called.

So when she arrived at the apartment ready to shout and go on and on. She ran into me. I started by telling her to lower her voice. Every time she raised her voice I told her (quite loudly) to stop shouting. In the end with me basically telling her to buy a new boiler she gave it. Yogita kept hugging when they left. In Korea, group bullying is a way to win an argument. When there is a car accident people usually call family and friends to back them up. Actually, nowadays it is hard to see such scenes. It was common several years ago.

In Korea older men and women tend to take an "I can do whatever I want to approach". People who are around my age tend to really hate this. While people in their 20's and early 30"s will speak out and address older people when they try to do this. I hate this mentality but I am happy to see it dying out very fast!


Friday, November 24, 2017


Wow, this week has been quite a week. Josh has been sick as a dog for 2 days in a row! I feel an itch in my throat which is a telltale sign of some bug already in my system ready to attack me. I am all good because the weekend is here. I ought to get some good rest.

Yogi and I will meet some friends we made a few months ago...might result in some extra work coming our way. We will meet them tonight.

The first snows have arrived in our region.....ugh. My car is doing really well these days. Since I bought the car I knew that there was some issue with the fuel system. Either the fuel pump, filter, or some leak allowing air into the system. This would result in the car stalling when refueling, or be stalling when the car was sitting for a couple of days. This went on for months. A good quality car you can do this with. A piece of junk will fail almost as soon as these symptoms show up.

So I took some time and had the system checked out over a period of a year to save money of course.
End result it was a bad fuel pump. Really cheap to fix too. Now my Equus is running very nicely. I need to paint her and get some minor body work done. I love how she starts on a time.

Now I just need to replace the fan belt as it is a bit worn. It makes me laugh when I talk to Korean men and if they have no professional experience with auto manufacturing or repair, they have NO clue about their cars. In fact, many do not even understand their transmission.

Anyways hats off it is Friday tomorrow!

Erm actually I am writing this at 3:54 am so mentally I feel like it is still Thursday.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Exposing Hollywood.

Today the media is lit up with men and women claiming sexual harassment. The Media is playing this up like "WOW is this what was happening behind the closed doors of power in Hollywood?"

Now I know the actresses and actors have done demeaning things to get roles. I think most people know this. The main issue is the victims had to choose between two things.

One fame which leads to exposure, and later big bucks when a movie makes it big. Two if they had decided this was wrong and they reported it or refused they would be blacklisted. Many actors and actresses want to make it big. It seems many or rather most decided to make it big first, then extract revenge later.

To to the fools who abused these people shame on you. Why not just keep things professional. Dot your I's and cross your T's. If you want something, do what normal people do. Get to know people. Putting people on the spot and making them choose between a life of glamour, fame, recognition, and possibly amazing wealth; asking them, no pushing them to sexually demean themselves is just plain wrong. The actors/actresses are a position that few people can really understand. I make around 40,000 dollars a year. How can I comprehend a person who is being offered 40000 a week making a certain decision? We know what that certain decision is.

So to the powerful people who did this shame on you. Now those actors many of them are financially sound. With them coming out at this time they can take away a lot of earnings from these sexual criminals.

I hope the victims can provide plenty of proof.


Some good news!

My friend Josh and his Fiancee are going very very close to becoming homeowners! Josh is very excited about this. I am happy for them and my family will help in any way we can. Buying a home, and moving in (after renovating) is a daunting task! So, of course, we will offer any manpower Josh may need.

In the summers it will be nice to camp out there and do some grilling. So these changes open up an opportunity for my family to move to Iksan. I hate moving but well we get it done when the time comes. So hats off to Josh and Megan. Best wishes and love to them as they become homeowners!


Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Some days are not easy...

Some days are not easy and they open your eyes to fact that life is something that should not be taken for granted. My father in India isn't doing well. I saw him briefly while video chatting. I saw his face. He looked...drained, depressed like something was stressing him. I wanted to talk to him but it is always best if I am with him in person. Then we can really spill out our hearts to each other. I know that many family members do know of the many chats we had. AH, I miss them now! At the time it was great wonderful. However, we would regularly chat and discuss things. I grew to take that time for granted. Now he is not doing so well. His Tatul (nickname given to Yogita) is so worried about him.

I have one regret. I wish I did not take the job offer in Hyderabad. He was practically begging to accept a low salary and stay in Lucknow. I wish I had listened. NOW I get it. We could have spent so much time together.

I remember when my mother in America died. Ah... I saw her briefly once again via video chat. I knew her time was close. What a painful time that was. It still is actually. I know my brothers and sisters are also coping with that loss.

He taught so many things he would never teach anyone else. So we are going to try two things. Have dad visit us in Korea, or we will visit him in Lucknow.

I was planning to do a tech update... can't do that right now. My mind is in Lucknow. My heart is in Lucknow. At times like this, I wish I could just jump up off of the ground and fly directly to where family members need help.


Thursday, November 02, 2017

Fall is here!

It is cooler nights are longer ah my favorite time of the year. These days I am having neck pain I think it is because of the cold. Yogita and I celebrated our 17th year of marriage. Wow time flies. I still remember one time when we were newly married walking around an upscale disctrict in Seoul.
We were in a 7/11 and I got upset that Yogita could not decide what she wanted to eat. I remember saying “AAHHHH why ME!!”. Now here I am 17 years later glad that yes it is me.

The boys are doing well enjoying having desktop computers, George has a new crush. The girl also likes him. So we will see how that goes. Jeyo is gaining weight and is still his silly self. It is fun to hear them talk about the games that they play.

We spent some time at Josh’s place drinking soju and talking. I have some new tech but I will post an update related to that later. The one thing I can say is....winter is coming.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Holiday aftermath

Here in Korea people are going back to the regular grind. We had a nice relaxing holiday. This was probably the best chu-sok we have had in a long time. I have finally found a use for the 32 inch Led tv I bought from Bo a friend of ours who moved back to states last year. Basically we connect one the computers to it and have the boys watch Netflix or YouTube depending on their studies, or just entertainment.

Yogita and I have decided to make some changes to our date night. I know this might sound geeky but we have decided to cut back on hanging out at the bar and playing darts (a lot of fun!), to speaking time on mmo in pc rooms. It is a different kind of fun. Although darts are so much fun. In Korea the dart machines are networked all over the world. It adds a new level of game play. So much fun.

We are going to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary this Saturday. We will head up to Seoul and paint the town red. Ok not really but we will head to the halal guys restaurant in Iteawon. We saw people eating their food on YouTube it looks so nice. My Lg G pro 2 battery is on the fritz so I need to find time to get a replacement.

ok time to make some printouts duty calls


Friday, September 29, 2017

Ten Day Holiday is here!

This week really seemed to fly by. I have to say that when I saw this holiday on the calendar I was worried about finances. Holidays are expensive for families. There is always pressure to go out and do something during the holiday period then budget the rest of the month on the thin side. Well this long holiday is falling not at the beginning of a pay period but right near the third week. When most familyies are running low on cash. I mean it is not critical but that money is for gas food a few things for the weekend. Not a ten day holiday. Let’s face it you spend more money at home when you are not working. You might take a drive and eat out, or grab some ice cream or a movie. So we would spend more than we would on a typical week night. Fortunately where I work they fully understand and even anticipate that families will need a bit of extra cash. Where I was before we had holidays during which we had very little money due to not being paid on time. Ugh that really sucked.

This year we even gave gifts at the old hogwan and they had no gifts prepared for us. Wow even after 15 years. Of course it was not always like this. Basically the old place I worked at is having a hard time financially so we understand. It is why Yogita still helps out when she can.

I am excited about the holiday but I am mainly going to focus to getting rest, and enjoying time with good friends.


The trip!

So it has been a quite sometime since I updated this blog. A lot of things have happened. Somethings that I have not meantioned. I decided to upgrade our systems a bit more. Yogita now has an iPad mini  2 which is similar to an iPad Air 1. The main difference is the size of the screen and the speed of the a7 CPU. The IPad Air clocks in at 1.4ghz while the mini 2 is 1.29. Basically it is a small iPad Air with out the finger print reader.

We went to Gwang ju and had a really good time. The only people who did not have as good a time was our boys. Their portable tech is well lacking which I will address very soon. So we had to make use of what the motels had. They played games via steam, on the motels pc, which I connected to the large 42 inch LED tv. It was a nice time for Yogi and I. We hung out with Steve and Josh. Josh was taking photos for a friend and Steve was spending time with him. We wandered around the venue taking in the sights. We called the boys in the hotel in the room and got food for them. After dropping off the food and resting with the boys for a bit we headed out again. I would say all in all we did about 5-6 km of walking.

The drive back the next day was relaxing and quick thanks to yours truly.


Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Upgrade package

Every few years I upgrade all of our hardware. Some things I wait some time to upgrade.
For our PCs usually a few years I upgrade GPUs, and lower end CPUs we might have. For example Yogita crappy AMD fx 4100. Well, it wasn't that bad...Nah it sucked. For example, it barely outperforms the second gen i3. The i3 was a dual core CPU, with the fx-4300 being a quad core!

We, l Yogita has a whole new rig. Her CPU is the same as mine an i7 3770. GPU is a very nice ati HD 7970. Actually, it is not as good as her other card a gtx 760 but I will keep the ati card in her system to see how it performs. The PSU is a very nice Corsair model. There are two nice things about her set up. First, it uses an SSD with the operating system installed on it. Second is the i7 CPU. I should mention that her case is MUCH easier to transport. Upgrading her pc or swapping out parts is easy..the hard work was already done with the wiring!

I now have an iPad pro first gen. I am so glad I waited years to upgrade. This thing is sweet. large vibrant display, super fast. It feels like a sexy machine...cause it is! Next iPad upgrade I think I am good for a few years. The boys now have a gaming rig as well. It is a dual core intel cpu, it came out just before the i series CPUs came out. It performs very well. It too is a micro tower making it very easy to transport.

Next upgrade coming early next year....our smartphones!


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Netflix is awesome!

It has been perhaps 4 months using this streaming service. I have to say...I LOVE IT. Regular tv and cable...I will never go back to it. We chose what content we want to watch. We have movies we can watch without having to pay a fee like Korean IP tv service.

Our weekends are full of us relaxing playing Eve-online and watching Netflix. I have to thank my friend Josh he was the one that pushed me to use Netflix.

Our boys enjoy Netflix too. I love the way you can set what content they can watch. Also, have a nice internet connection goes a long way too!


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Holidays and vacations are over...for now..

So we had a nice vacation relaxing at home. We played a lot more Eve Online this year. It was nice. Then we had Korean Independence Day. Played Eve Online and watched movies. Yogita took a long nap, she really needed it.

Now we are back to work but...only 3 days left in this week! We met a friendly couple. They are into each other the way Yogi and I are. It was nice not seeing a couple complain about each other, call the other person ugly. It was so nice. We have met them a few times before. Monday night we really got to know them better. There was a woman there who was I would say typical. Flirting with me and another guy not saying anything positive about her husband. Ugh. When she left it was very nice.

When she was there so odd. She invites me to come to her waxing salon. She then says she will wax me for free. Yup pubic area included. My Yogita oh she will have to pay while winking at me. YUCK no thanks!!!

After she left we talked about family work kids it was nice. Ok, I have to finish my lunch and prep finish prepping for class.


Tuesday, August 08, 2017

New tech acquisitions coming...

So I was told about a nice deal on an Ipad mini for Yogi. This is better for her since it is lighter and Yogita's hands are tiny. Her Ipad2 I will reset and give it to our boys.

I am also looking for an old gaming desktop gtx 560 heck even a 400's class GPU will do. It will introduce the boys to use a desktop. In addition, the Dell laptop will be used only for studies. It needs some repairs at the moment.

So this weekend we will head down to Gwangju and check out Josh's friends pc shop. I will be on the look out for a nicer motherboard for myself. Also I need to upgrade my ram to 16gigs. 12 is ok but the way I like to surf the net...I am going to need 32gigs. So changing the motherboard (with more ram slots), and upgrading to 16 gigs will be a start.

Almost time for class!


Thursday, August 03, 2017

Enjoying our vacation AND 1giga bit internet.

So we have decided to stay close to home and relax. Later this year we are going to fly to India in October. So better to just relax as that will take a lot out of us.

I have to say if you are not using proper broadband.....wake up!!! It is getting cheaper and cheaper. I hope my brother in law switches to broadband because then chats will be so NICE in actual HD instead of the odd heavily pixellated interaction we have now. We get heavy lag because of well...3g with tens of thousands of users sharing the same wireless access points, in addition to the fact that structures further degrade signal strength DSL or even better fiber optic is the way to go.

Right now the boys are streaming some video in HD playing a game, while Yogi and I are downloading streaming at the same time. There is no lag at all. Since we use Netflix my hard drives are thanking me. BUT this would not be possible with out a generous broadband connection. 100 Mbits is very nice too. Heck 50 Mbits is very nice. 1-3 Mbits....nope will not cut it.

On another note....routers need active cooling folks. I have a laptop cooler and an usb fan blowing on the router, with out it...it would overheat and BOOM we would have no connection to the internet. In India, I used the laptop cooler and it was enough. At that time we only had 3 pcs and 2 ipad2's using the bandwidth. These cute little USB fans are going be needed going forward.

Ok I think I need to stop rambling about tech.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hot hot hot

Only one more day and our summer vacation will begin. This is the hottest time of year in South Korea. One nice thing is that it isn't as humid as it was last week. We are still considering what we will do next week. Perhaps go the beach or go camping. We are not sure. There are quite a few options for us. Yogita seems to have changed her mind and might want to go camping. We will call the campsites and see if it is free to just grab a spot, or if we have to reserve a spot.

I personally look forward to reading. I want to finish the book I am reading and start on a new trilogy Yogita got for us.

Last weekend we visited Ms. Choi's house in Go-San. Wow, it was so wonderful. Clean air, roomy house with a wooden interior that is so comfy. We took a tour of the neighborhood and it was just so nice to see fresh produce being grown practically on the front lawn. I will return and enjoy the clean air and friendly people.

Ok, soon the rest of my work day will begin...


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Vacation time again!

Wow it has been quite some time since I updated this blog. Well next week we are getting a week off. I am thinking about taking day trips and spending a lot of time with my family. We plan on avoiding a heat Yogi really wants some nice cool hotels this summer.

So my plan works out like this: In the morning we head over to a Korean style fast food place. Basically you can get ramien noodles and other nice things. It is cheap tasty and fast! Once we have had our fill we head over to a historical site (Korea has SO many sites each has it's own story).

After having a nice look around the sites (one or two), we will have lunch at a Korean restaurant then head home. If we want to watch a movie we will do so in the evening. I plan on doing this two or three days. Camping is out because Yogita doesn't want to deal with the heat this year.

Ok another plan is a short 2 or 3 day road trip. No historical sites but we would take a look around a few major cities checking out the used pc shops (need to finalize a i5 desktop build). Then check out some shops that yogi adores while enjoying local eateries. Retire to our hotel in the evening and watch movies and chill. The next day head to another city and do the same thing...or do something else.

I will not spend time with my friend this summer I think he is has plans and I will not make any last minute changes to ours! We have done that before and it is a waste of time and ends becoming too expensive. Perhaps we can do something together for the winter vacation.

Oh...I have a couple of early classes this week..thanks to public school vacation! It is ok because then I will finish early.


Monday, June 05, 2017

More tech hardware coming our way!

To the people who say computer games are a waste of time....bugger off! For my family it is a very cheap yet fun source of family togetherness. I do not mean playing GTA 5 and teaching my boys how to hotwire cars. But games that have some historical background. Or others that are just fantasy games, but working together you achieve some common goal.

I am not saying that pc gaming addiction is not something to watch out for. It is! So we set some time for this. I had to explain to a co-worker that yes I have over 7 pcs BUT they are not gaming most of the time. Even on holidays we are watching youtube, Netflix, and gaming.

Anyways there is new hardware that will join and perhaps complete our set of pcs. I will post pictures of it in coming days.

Stats it has a 3rd gen i7, this means it is future proof when programs become multi thread applications. So in a day when most people are able to run 8 core cpus our old i7s will still be able to work until we make some upgrades. We can actually take our time. Gpu nothing special here but it has a gtx 460m cuda (it has gtx 560m power it aint the latest but it isn't a slouch!).

It has a 128gb ssd, with a 1tb 7200 rpm HDD pretty standard stuff. It has an odd issue with the battery and ac adapter but..that don't phase me. 17..6 inch screen....OH...yeah that is sexy! Backlit keyboard....I love these so much I am going to make sure we get a couple for our desktop PCs.

The next thing on the upgrade list tablet pcs (the ipad2's will be wiped and given to the boys).
Oh and unlocked smartphones the galaxy 8s plus....oh my what a sexy beast of a phone!


p.s if you love gaming stay away from i3's, heck grab an older i5 if price is an issue.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Summer is coming...

Well finally we have some relief at the school. You see for 2 weeks we did not have air conditioning (the guys who clean it every year screwed up). It was tough. Now ah sweet cooling air!
My friend Josh told me that he read that this year will be a very hot summer. Well after living in Lucknow for two summers in 2008, and 2013 I think we can make due. I will looking into setting up second hand air conditioners, or portable units (I want to ship them ahead of us should we relocate to India).

Summer camping plans are set on one condition we will not follow our our friend and his family. He will follow us, poor Yogi. The boys are doing well, George now has facial hair gotta teach him to shave. Jeyo is up to his usual antics. Yogita is finally starting to teach me Hindi. I will be downloading vocabulary list, and common phrases on my own. I also plan to listen to Bollywood music the oldies. The newer stuff....is...yuck. The older music I can actually hear words, and phrases. Older is 2000 not 1955. So..perhaps not that old.

We are at a crossroads again. Stay in South Korea, or head to South Asia (India) which was my original plan. We will have to see how things pan out. This decision depends on Yogita and I, and George. As George is getting older it is time for him to figure out what he would like to do, and if it is compatible with staying here or not...

ok meeting time


Monday, May 15, 2017

Sometimes people screw things up....

So we are loaded and ready for a 2 day camping trip. My friend decides to go ahead of me. He left about an hour ahead of us. We told him which site we would be staying at. However my friend choose a type of camp site Yogita and I hate. It is one of those places with gravel and trees no place for your car, it just looks too "prepared". Also you are in very close proximity to other people. The site we like has a "wild" feeling. It looks like a forest with a sandy ground. The sites are more spread out providing a bit more privacy.

In Korea many people enjoy the crowded in places. There are different reasons for this preference. The most common one I think is feeling like you are close to people not isolated, or alone. There are those who have large and very expensive set ups.....they tend to be in more crowded sites.

So we plan on making sure that they join us or we will go alone. Oh it is free at the larger sites if you come late at night.

So we only stayed one night...the next day the cars fuel pump decided it was time to quit. One the upside Yogita and I got to ride in our car while it was being towed pretty cool! Yogita and I took a nap while the boys played pc games. Later we both hung out at a park in our neighborhood has some fun talking and walking.

We plan on more outings in the small parks in our area.

ugh Mondays can suck sometimes... (I need to replace the car battery...)


Tuesday, May 09, 2017

First camping trip of the year....Maybe??

We are gearing up for the first camping trip this year. We are planning on staying at least 2 nights.
However the weather really doesn't look like it will agree with our plans. Wait..update it seems it will be very hot instead. Actually weather patterns near Gunsan change like crazy. So if it does rain we will postpone. My friend and his family, who we are going with are new to camping.

So we are going to set up we have a bunch hand held lithium ion powered fans. We will charge them up and put them to good use. I am hoping we get our old spot Friday night. That spot is perfect! There four trees that support our `tent poles, 4 trees that close together means plenty of shade.

There is the beach nearby so we can jump in the water to cool down. Saturday morning we will go to the seafood market to pick up some goodies for lunch. But my friend will not be there...LOL He will return Saturday morning because of his private classes. Poor dude.

So as it stands Weds, and Thurs night we will get all of our camping stuff bought.

So until then...


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A short little break.

Right now middle school, and high school students are preparing for and taking exams. Actually this period they are taking exams. This means that some classes have either one student, or the whole class gets shut down. Sometimes you get those students who when in your class who feel that they can leave the stresses of academia behind. Those kids will come to your class no matter what. I will have a class with one such group I love spending time with students like that. We will have a topic based discussion for perhaps 10 - 40 minutes depending on the level interest in the topic. If they are not interested in the topic we will study our text book. All the while they pour out their hearts to me. I listen and ask questions, never judging, or assuming I understand what they are going through.

I aim to be approachable by all, including my own sons.

When I was a child I grew up in a loving household, with caring parents. My father and mother cared for me. As I grew up I realized that my father felt unable to communicate directly with me, and my brothers. This was hard on me. I made some stupid life choices which I feel would have been lessened if my father had spoken to me. Oh lets look at the whole picture. My parents decided to have too many kids. They did not realize that having a large family would cost so much. Times were changing, they had all 5 of us in a matter of 4.5 years (twins yay!). So, my father, being responsible took on three jobs! He worked himself to the bone. My mother was dealing with her own issues, a illness that was hard for doctors to diagnose. When they finally did it was lupus. I grew up learning mostly from my mother.

Now that I am a father, I have seen some pretty good examples of a father engaging with their kids. I emulated these people. Mr. David Noor, of the Indian Navy, was one mentor. Even watching my wife also helped me. Also seeing what my father did (working very hard) and didn't (not spending time with his kids) helped me. I do not want to sound like I am blaming my father. I can say I am trying to overcome our (my father and I) difficulty to engage with our kids. I feel it is a shared issue that was passed down generation to generation. So to Jose Hogan....I am so glad to have you as a father. Your shortcomings are mine as well. I was just lucky to have very good examples to teach me what you could not. This takes nothing away from you Dad. It is what it is. For me though..the buck stops here.

If I can spend time with my own students, overhearing them say "Oh I can't wait till it is tomorrow we will have Jemal for one hour". I want my sons to say the same thing. It seems to be working. I WILL NOT GIVE UP. THE BUCK STOPS HERE! When George and Jeyo are fathers this trend of having a very very hard time to engage well with their kids will be a thing of the past!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

An itch to go camping!

It is getting warmer during the day now. It is still chilly at night but who cares when you have electric heating blankets. The weather is really mild during the day then start a nice little fire eat some good food...then huddle in the tent reading or watching videos until lu lu la la land claims your soul.

The thing is I want a tent that can deploy faster and is easier to set up. Our current big red tent is ok but it takes a bit of time to set up, and on a windy day.... Once while camping a strong gust knocked the tent half over. Poor Yogita was having one her migraines when suddenly *poof* she was looking up at the sky instead of the tent's ceiling.

So I am on the look out for something large that can deploy easily, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Yogita has already turned some promising finds on portable air conditioners. So on the home front we will enjoy this summer a lot. Last year we lost a PSU to heat....this summer I am hoping to save up a bit of coin because I want to get a GTX 960 or 970 for Yogita and I later this year.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring is coming...

Spring in Gunsan is very short, and pleasant. What this means is that the long hot, humid summer is around the corner. We will be buying 2 portable air conditioners this year. Maybe we will have an AC put in, but it depends on if the landlord will allow us to drill holes in the wall for the condenser. Another apartment we stayed that was an issue. So perhaps this time round we can get a couple of wall mounted units, or settle for the portable units.

Of course it is important to stay cool and comfortable with out a doubt. However, we have 3 computers running in our room that can benefit greatly by having an AC. It sounds nuts but it is so true. The first piece of hardware that goes on our PC's is the Power supply unit (PSU). When it gets too hot the fans in the PSU can not deal with the heat. I am talking about gaming, not surfing the web or watching youtube videos. Gaming means that the PSU is going to heat up to supply the wattage needed mainly for the GPU. After a PSU failure the thing that goes is the motherboard. Nothing sucks more than to run a dozen tests hoping for bad ram, or perhaps power cables, or the SATA connectors have warped...to find that you need to replace a motherboard. Then when you start looking for a replacement you find that your CPU is just to old...which leads to either risking a second hand unit, or pouring cash into getting a cpu/motherboard combo. Managing cooling means your old system can last a few more years. Lets face it my i7 3770k cpu is still doing just fine running at stock even though 6th generation cpus are out now. I bought my i7 back in 2012....five years and still going strong with no overclocking even though there is room in my set up for it.

Gpus are usually more sturdy with massive heat sinks, and large fans. You also have the option of using software to make sure that your fans are spinning at top speeds if you know you are going to be gaming. I have noticed that our GPUs haven't burned out...we make sure to clean the fans regularly, and monitor temps during gaming.

So...Spring is coming...gotta get an AC cause first...its too damn hot, second.....our hardware needs cooling too!


Saturday, February 25, 2017


Yesterday I got a message from my former boss. It seems that she wants Yogi to return and work for her...actually at the time of writing they should be talking about it now. It is so funny how things happen. Yogita was telling me that she is really enjoying her time off. Then suddenly 2 weeks ago her former student wants lessons. Actually 2 lessons. Another former student also contacted her as well. To be honest many of our former adult students have been asking when will either we return (which they prefer) or when will the new teacher arrive. I finally told them what I really thought, that is she had no plans to hire another teacher, and she is waiting to if we can come back. I know that she asked around (Gunsan is a small town and people talk). The issue is everyone knows that she is nice and honest. The main issue is that while she is a good person she is not very good with paying people on time. I should note that you will NEVER be cheated...NEVER. You have to be...very patient. When you have a family bills need to paid on time, family events, special holidays and things like that.
Being paid late....usually 70% of the time is angering. I remember years ago we got behind on our bills. Of course this would happen. We were paid usually one to one and half weeks late. So I am in the office and the manager at that time Mr. Ryu starts scolding me like I am a child. The reason? One of the utility offices called complaining about an overdue bill. Lets just say once I said my piece he was very very quiet afterward and never brought it up again. I even remember him getting on my bosses case once.

So it seems that Yogita's little break is over as she will again help out lol. All of this happened yesterday...on Friday! I could not enjoy my dinner but it is ok. Lets see how this pans out. I will NOT teach the morning class again. No way!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Testing time....

It is that time of year here at Apple. We hold exams every 4 months. I wish we could get one day to just concentrate on this. It is tough to get things done around a normal schedule. Testing week also means that the semester is ending, classes, and schedules will change as well.

For years I have had terrible work schedules. Usually, 9am to 9 or 10pm. I would not be teaching during this time. I would either be driving to a company...waiting for 5 - 15 minutes, then have class, then driving again. Each company class takes about 2 hrs out of the day due to driving. The Industrial zone is 20 or kms from the school where I worked. Usually I would have 2 to 3 company classes. At times this would drop to just one.

My schedule next week is so nice and sweet. I start at 3:40 and finish at 9:20 or 9:30...I do not remember. We will all get a dinner break. Now Josh and other teachers can not eat dinner due to how the schedule is now. This time we can ALL eat together. Ah it will be a nice change for the next 4 months!

Tonight will be the last class with this group of students, we will play a game methinks. Actually I have never played a game with them.


Help on the homefront!!

It boggles the mind when people say bad things about their wife. I have such a wonderful lady. I am not saying they have no reason for complaint....I just feel lucky....I struck gold. I race home at night...happy to heading home. Some of my friends....it is like they are heading to a battlefield. I my friends when they marry they say wonderful things about the wife. However, once kids come along...the story changes. Sex sucks, no attention, arguments yadda yadda. I think arguments are very normal in relationships...marriages that is. I do not think of them as a "real" fight. Couples need to get into little tit for tats. My buddy Josh even endures our "fights". I love the Newfoundlander cause..he never takes sides...openly. He confessed once "Jemal I am always on your side". LOL

My wife is always a help to me as I am for her. When I am sick...I feel...kinda....good. I get so babied. When she is sick...she gets her Dr. H ( a pet nickname she has for me). I was so sick yesterday night...high grade fever sweating like a stuck pig. Yet my lady my lil kid, my brown girl....helped me. When she is having a nightmare....I hold her close in my arms. I call out her name..when she wakes...she has me.

In our relationship we have had ups and downs. However, I realize I have indeed got the woman of my dreams.

My little lady...the sun in my heart!


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Snow snow please don't show!

Well this month is more than half over and I have not seen much snow at all. I am so happy about it. Driving back and forth is no problem for me....until snow enters the picture. Gunsan and Iksan are just not well equipped to deal with heavy snow.

I came down with enteritis late last week. I think it was something I ate that did not agree with my gut flora at all. I am feeling better and actually ate dinner today. Now Josh is feeling sick. Perhaps something is going around?

Josh as yet another laptop that I have eyes on. I think it could take the place of the baby. It is more portable than the beast, less powerful but still enough for my needs. In addition it would be great to have the smaller alienware at home so that George can practice typing.

Oh we will be watching movies on the 27th in morning, and bowling in the evening....very very interesting!


Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Sledding at the end of the month?

So yesterday I arrived late to our meeting....heh yeah 30 minute showers will do that...and people were talking about going sledding. It seems that after the final test, we will have a special day and we will all go sledding. Um...yeah I am not sledding but I will watch and take plenty of pictures. 
I remember years ago telling Mrs Cho we need to do something special with our students. Once we went to a beach.....with a handful of adult students, and the teachers. Yogi and I then tried to explain that other Hogwans are taking the kids to different places. It would be a lot of fun parents could come along. Long story short...it never happened. 

While I have been here I have had a lot fun outside of the classroom. 


Thursday, February 02, 2017

When it rains.....

Driving home yesterday I had quite a scare. I admit I was feeling drowsy at the time of this...scare. While driving my front passenger side tire blew....fortunately I did not overreact and I did not hit other cars. I mainly impacted the left side of the car. I was not hurt. I was quite shaken, and things didn't really set in until I got home. I realized at this point I could have died. I was talking with Yogita when it happened, and George overheard. Ahh, I felt terrible about everything. I am glad that I am not hurt but I will place even more emphasis on safety in the future. Cars can be replaced, a life can not...


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Banking sucks!!

Well now that is is tax time, that means a possible tax refund...our first in Korea. I think our refunds have been taken...illegally. So we have to look into that...wonderful. I finally have internet banking set up so that is nice. We will see if we can link paypal to our account now...I hope we can.

It is a Tuesday but it feels like a Monday....ah holiday times. Maybe I will stay overnight in Iksan this week, we will see.

I spent over 2 hours waiting in the bank to get my check card changed, and to have internet banking set up. My check card (the old one) was practically falling apart. Nice to have a new one....strange the things we take for granted. One night while my car was in the shop, I had to get out of the taxi and run to the ATM to get cash, due the old check card not working....UGH.

Still 2 hours in the bank.....post holiday rush...

Gotta go!


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Holiday time...again!

2017 is here.....and we are enjoying the lunar holidays! Yogita is a bit under the weather so we are taking it easy at home. For this year we will be camping more, traveling at least once this year, and working towards our goals.

Also this year I need to cut toxic relationships. I mean it is not cool when you nearly get beaten up because your friend is acting like a fool because he is super drunk. Agh I will go into details here but it is time to take a step waaaay back.

Ok it is time to enjoy some trailer park boys...and a late...VERY late breakfast!

Thanks Yogi!!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

We are quite lucky....

Yogita and I have run out of programs to watch. Basically we download our shows so that we can enjoy them later. We usually find 4-5 shows with 1 or more seasons then we watch them while playing eve online. Of course we get these legally. recently though we have run out of all our favorite shows. When this happens we usually start watching documentaries. I feel so lucky...we have a house, car, computers, food, recreation, medical care when needed, along with dental care, relatively safe....ok pretty darned safe.

It makes my heart ache to see the suffering around the world. It scares me. I think well perhaps if we save more money we will be safe. That just isn't true. Money can help for a time. If the infrastructure of a nation is destroyed....social security goes right out of the window. It is scary when you realize all it takes is some terrible act of war, or an accident to ruin everything, to turn your life right upside down.

The most I can do it monitor world events, perhaps I might see something before it happens. History really does repeat itself. Jews were warned about what was coming. Those who listened got out of dodge, other lulled into complacency suffered, and as we know millions died. Josh told me about a show we ought to enjoy, but until then.... documentaries.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Holiday around the corner...again!

It is a cold Monday, one of those days you really wish sleeping in was an option. We had a nice relaxing time over the weekend. Nowadays I get so sleepy at around 5:30pm, and usually fall asleep at 9pm. This is strange because I usually stay up late...very late. One thing I have learned is not to fight my body. If it is telling me I need rest....I sleep.

We have a 4 day week next week, then we have 4 days off (well...basically it is a four day weekend).
Josh is joking about EVE, Bin is...working. Ugh Mondays can suck times. Yogita will be taking daily walks to help deal with her low blood pressure.

With the Lunar New year around the corner we have decided...to stay home and rest. I want to get ready for the camping season early this year. We need heavier sleeping bags, one more table, some more utensils. I am also looking for a Tent that is easier to set up.

Ugh...everyday I get so drowsy at 5:30pm......ugh winter,,,,,,,


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016 in review....

Wow time really does fly. 2016 was an odd year. We didn't really know where we would be. Our old boss kept giving us mixed signals. We found out in the end that she just wanted to pay me less for even more work. At that time late Feb. we decided it is time to head back to India. We were tired of the back and forth talk with Mrs Cho. She would lament "Ah business is doing so bad...". Yet when we made statements to the effect like ok...we are leaving then. She would turn around and say things like "But you both still have many students". It was nuts.Finally she made the mistake of telling me that I really should find another job. She didn't really mean it because once we found a job....three days later, she was shocked. She said things like "I thought we discussed that you will be staying here in Gunsan." What that meant was she wanted to pay me less..for as I mentioned above less money. .

Long story short I met Josh, and had a great time last year learning about Apple, and how things are done. I learned that the nonsense that I was told when I first started at Apple is well nonsense..thanks for confusing me Tony. For Yogita and I meeting Josh has been...really nice. He is a really nice guy who is particular with whom he spends his free time. So are we. He is a down to earth yet smart as hell dude, yet isn't an arrogant ass like...well other people I have met.

My new boss...wow what a driven woman. I enjoy our weekly meetings, I take notes and I know I will use what I pick up not only now, but in the future. She is very professional, yet fun. All in all I can say I am very very happy where I am at now.

2016 started on shaky ground, yet ended so nicely!

So here is to 2017...lets go get some!!!


ps I also met Isaac and Paul (both of them own their own hogwans), and Bin a director. GOODTIMES