Thursday, August 31, 2006


Heh..Jeol your right, make that 5 countries. Well..that kid...I think he feels that people will be impressed if they hear his stories...NOT. It feel good friday is around the corner. It will mark the end of this week. This week really did fly by. I guess seeing that we will be having many weeks with no holidays means that we will be having more 5 day weeks. I am such a wuss ... I mean we get so many 3 day weekends and those wierd days where there is a holiday in the middle of the week. Kinda strange those holidays but it is nice. Then we have 2 long holidays...ah the life. Jeol your temporary apt. looks nice!

What are the specs on your computer? I wish I could take your van off of your hands...lpg compact size...great car to have (especially for all of the company classes!) Ugh...I can;t drive stick shift to save myself!

ok i gotta go!


4 more weeks to go!

Thats right 4 more weeks to go until Chu-sok is here. Cho-sok is similar to thanksgiving day in the States. It seems like it is a bigger holiday here. Basically in Korea there are 2 major holidays, Chu-sok, and Sol-nal (lunar newyear). Koreans are really big on the lunar calender. Many use it to determine their age. At our school there is a young teacher who has only finished high school....he is about 20 years old...(might be younger...he is known to exaggerate alot!). So he might be able to say that he is 22 (although in America he would be 20, and in Korea based on the solar calender he would be 21) So I think he is using the lunar birthdate.

So basically the lunar new year is a big deal. Hoewever both holidays are similar in that families get together (crazy traffics jams!) and spend time. For us however we go on trips. We used to just travel around Seoul, or go to Pusan (we were staying in Ulsan at the time). Now we have a car, that changed things last year...but we ran into heavy traffic for the first time in Korea...not fun!

So we will take a few small trips to surrounding areas.
Next month we will book tickets for our trip to India (Hindustan), and I will apply for a visa. It will the 5th country I have been too. I am really looking forward to it!!!

Ok I gotta go!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Middle of the week.

Yep it is wednesday my knees are killing me.....
On Sunday Yogita and I saw the movie: "Two for the money" I tell you...I will never gamble. The movie was well done, great acting, seeing Al Pacino with a heart ailment was something different. Watching the movie brought back some of the excitment of watching football games cheering your team on, especially if they are the underdogs.
The new school semester will begin early Sept. that means 2 saturdays a month I will be working in the mornings. It is a fun little side job.

Ok i gotta go....longest day in the week for us!


Monday, August 21, 2006

The end of summer in sight.

First Mike I will email you after I post this. I am afraid we are too busy to be able to make a trip to Alaska this year. However, next year...early perhaps in Jan. we might be able to visit for a few days.

Yesterday was nice. We went to the meeting in Jeon-ju a sister was going baco to the Philipines, it was sad. It makes me think about what it would be like to leave Korea for good, if we decided to do so. There are just soo many good memories we share here. I believe that a person must make thier own happiness. You can not expect some thing, or other person to fully make you feel happy. Having faith in Jehovah, is something a person must do. You can not rely on person B to tell you happy!

So even if we leave Korea next year, or the year after next, even if it is in 5 years. I am sure we will be happy. In Alaska we were happy, it was a real adventure living there!

I think if I were asked where would you like to go to next...I would have to say India. I guess that is another reason why I am so glad that summer is ending, because our trip to India is approaching. I can feel the excitment building up.

Yesterday we had a really relaxing weekend. We basically drove to different places out the in the countryside, ate breakfast, walked around a very scenic lake only 30 minutes north of Gunsan. Then in the evening we watched some "Lost" episodes.

Oh yeah Melah I have to get back to you about torrents... basically it is a new kind of peer to peer file sharing protocol, that is MUCH better than napster, and Kazza lite programs.

Go to Oh and Omorro that is where I got gigs of Marvel comics too!!

Ok I gotta sign off. Pictures will be coming soon...later this week perhaps..can't let this month go with out some pictures.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The hot days of summer.

Sticky sticky sticky. It is summer in Korea. I remember when I first came to South Korea (remember Huseyin!). It was sooo muggy at that time!
Lqast year we got an air conditioner does alot to help. Except that the elect. bill goes through the roof. I am talking like 200-250 bucks! Well that is what it cost us last year when we had it on most of the day and through the night. Now we just sorta use it during short periods of time.

Tomorrow is monday but there is a holiday on tuesday so that means that we are going to have what I call a Monday/Friday. That is a monday that will feel like a friday...i love those.

Ok I am installing an old game...Huseyin do you remember that game I got at Young-san but could not make it work on my computer? The one where you can control clans in medevil japan well the name is Shogun: Total war.

I gotta go!