Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Boy we have been very busy! The next intensive class is coming up real soon with GM Daewoo
and that with the elementary school classes means...I will be very busy for 2 weeks in May.

We will be going up to Seoul next month as well, I am going to custom build a pc for our family in India. I have have dragging my feet about that project too long! So we will go either to Seoul twice, and get everything we need in 2 trips. Or take one big trip, and take care of everything in one go.

I have to post the zoo pictures from last month (I think it was last month).
We went to the memorial it was very nice even though I had to be about 10 minutes late.
We also went to the circuit assembly. It was nice although driving was friend kept calling out directions like I do not know what a stoplight is...ugh, I could not concentrate. So in June when the district convention rolls around we will go alone...and meet them in Chon-an...much better that way!

I will also build George a pc (nothing powerful) for educational purposes, and of course strictly monitored. I really really want to build a server and run it from our apartment some day....but I have much to learn about not only putting one together but also running one, along with website design, and all that stuff, However I do have some useful programs to help me...thanks to student of mine!!!

So it will be upgrade and pc building time for us!

take care!


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

To end it on a nice note here is George enjoying the sunshine!!  Posted by Picasa

Yogita's favorite picture in this series, note stone bridge in the distance. I think it is a dam as well. Posted by Picasa

One of weolmyoengs peaks. Posted by Picasa

The lake. Posted by Picasa

Woelmyeong park Posted by Picasa

Yogita! Posted by Picasa

Here are some really pretty pictures from Woelmyeong park near our house. Yogita took these. In this lake fishing is prohibited. Please note these are from older pictures not our current series where we visited two zoo's. Also please notice that the date in the pictures are WRONG, I have been to lazy to the fix it! Posted by Picasa

It is a jeyo thing! We love doing things together! One saturday morning+mcdonalds+facial pack thingy= Jeyo fun!  Posted by Picasa