Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crazy day for us!

Yeah so we have a little extra work to do. One teacher has an interview at a company, another teacher is out of town for a couple of days. The good thing...this crazy week is almost over. Next week I will have a little breather due one company having to shut the class down for a week.

Oh...good news! We are free for the afternoon!

Ok now time to think about lunch.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My wife....

Yogita, she is amazing. Many overlook her due to her small stature, and how cute she is. Shame on them. She has many attributes that make her...awesome. I know it sounds cheesy but I do not care. I think that couples should be as positive about their spouse as they can. I mean if we focus on the negative then that is the end result: Negativity. We all know where that leads. I love the song of sol. We are taught to view the wife of our youth in the same way. Well, I know how it feels within my heart to do that. Problems arise and I am better able to meet them when viewing my wife in a positive way. That means fighting assumptions, this is not easy and takes regular prayer, and real effort but it can be done.

I have had women in Korea try to come on to me. It is so different here. Different rules, people are still people but cultures color things in a different light. It has caused strain on our marriage. I can say this, speaking only positive things about your spouse helps to waylay most of the nonsense. Even better it leaves me in a stronger state to stay away from what is bad.

Oh well...just some stuff on my mind...

Melah I hope you get a chance to try out eve, especially with Nick. You both might really like it!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holiday count down.....

Yup...10 weeks.....2 down and 10 more to go. We are planning to really get away from it all this time. There is a nice hotel ner Dae-gu I want to stay at. This morning I just did not want to get up. I need to get over that feeling because early morning classes will back. This weekend we will try to visit Iskan. No...I promised we will go to Iskan. There is a nice store there with South Asian food, even goat meat! Also the phone cards we buy there are best around! So now it is Tuesday and my week will be on fast forward until Friday.


Monday, October 19, 2009

A Unique Post!!!!

It was very of those nights where the chill just gets to your bones..she wrapped her jacket more tightly around herself trying to keep away the wind..but what was more dis concerning was the howling sound the wind was making and the way the door kept creaking as the wind tried to pull on it against its will as if trying to rip it off of it hinges.....

the whole area was dark at this time, although it was only a little after 10, but people in this small city tend to sleep early and tonight especially was one of those nights where most people were headed for the safety and warmth of their houses....

she had not wanted to come out herself in this weather but the man sitting next to her on his computer, the man she loved... whose will was her command.. had made a simple request to have some beer..he had not asked her to go down and get it but she wanted to...she liked him and loved seeing him happy and satisfied..

so she had decided to leave the warm cozy interior of the small apartment they shared and had come out in this dark cold the elevator door opened with a jerk she noticed that it was quiet except for the shrieking sound of the wind...everything was dark except that low flickering light bulb in front of the store where she was headed.....

This is actually is me describing my trip to the store downstairs...i went down to get some beer for Jemal and i was making these observations and thought hey i can make a post...actually i really want to write a story so i think practicing writing like this helps....any thoughts?

Sunday, October 18, 2009


We just finished some raw good! Raw ginger, and garlic. Have you ever tasted raw garlic with Sam-jang sauce? Oh it is wonderful! Sure it burns and is full of fire...but that is the point! It was sooo good. Now we have a place that we will order from them on a regular basis.
Tomorrow is monday, I am going to get Yogita another pair of jeans. She has this pair of jeans that looks so nice. Comfortable, yet durable, and good for the winter which is bearing down on us.

Today Yogita laughed at me. In our apartment I tore down the curtains.....cause I tripped, and grabbed at them to stop my fall. SO i jury rigged a way to have the curtains up. The only drawback is that it looks...kinda ghetto. So I sang Akon's song Living in the Ghetto.

Oh boy....




I have been thinking about it for the longest time...Mexicans and Indians are so similar in so many ways...Well looks for one...our features are very the States everyone assumed i was a Mexican and would start using Spanish...but there are many more examples.....tortilla is the same as roti in India...even the same recipe and ingredients...both use cilantro (Coriander in India) and cumin (jeera in India)...people from both countries love spicy food ...just to name a few...take a look at these pictures and look for yourself...In the end we are all the same..not so different.....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Face book and Twitter vs blogging

I will be damned. I think I know what facebook has taken the world by storm. It is a super fast way to stay connected with people in a mini blogging sort of way. You are joined to primary, secondary, and tertiary social networks. In other words you can get to know many more people, and keep in touch with them, in a more streamlined way.

I love blogging and we will continue Yogita and I. I must say though, I am glad we finally jumped on the bandwagon. I will be looking into getting us iphones in the coming months. I will be able to stay a more connected than with our LG KS 20's. Larger screen a more powerful cpu (using apps will be seamless). I have heard that the Iphone has a built in beam projector! (i-beam).

Well today is thursday....oh about my new tranny, it shifts into drive very very roughly. So I am going to have my friend check it out and see whats what. I will be piloting the Enterprise into drydock tomorrow at ...err....6 o'clock....hmm something zero O hundred hours......stardate 5769840.2 ....uh yeah.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The first day into our tenth.

Well yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversery. We did not do anything special, the weekend is set aside for that. I am going to get my car serviced on friday evening...maybe cancel my last class, then cruise up to Seoul, or over to Pusan.

I want to talk, just talk. Eat out take a walk. Thinking more on it...I think Gwang-ju is a good choice too. Not too far from Gunsan, and has alot of the nice things that Seoul has.

Ok I gotta go....


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So I got a new class today....11 more souls to teach. It means that my week is more full. That is ok, I will do my best. We are looking for new teachers. Now we have Mrs. Cho's full backing in choosing a new teacher. We had it in the past was more difficult then. Now so nice. Our new teacher settled in nicely, and is having no problems.

I have gained a new nickname: Company teacher. Why? well Now I have 4 different classes in 3 companies, and a 5 in a another company is opening up soon. I'm loving it. I have so much experience at what I seems almost effortless.

I do try to fight that feeling though. It is easy to become lazy thinking like that. I want to help people. So i try my best.

On Sunday last week...we went to a new road that is being constructed. The land was reclaimed from the sea. It was such a nice drive.

Ok....feeling tired...and I need to check back on fb.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Life would be Eaaaasy!!!!!

If If We Could Party All Night
And Sleep All Day
And Throw All Of My Problems Away
My Life Would Be Eaaasy
My Life Would Be Eaaasy

So before we had issues with our car or more precisely Jema's tranny(LOL) we were listening to the new black eyed peas album and these lyrics really caught my would be easy if we could party all night and sleep all day...but it won't be exciting i think....and being constantly drunk and in a funk would be terrible to say the least....

That being said, I Love their new's Awesome!!!! and very catchy...makes for some really good listening on a long drive.

Tranny woes...

Well my transmission just has kissed the is finished....gone....poof....blammo!

The cost to have it rebuilt? Only 800 bucks. I know in America remaking transmissions (especially on luxury cars that are uncommon) is very very expensive. Basically I am getting the tranny rebuilt that amount will pay for not only the taking out and putting back in of the automatic transmission, but also the actual replacement of gears, and labor involved.

So....what a day. Basically remember this listen to your ride....odd noises dont belong!

Check your Engine bay at least once a week, another thing take note of the smell of your exhaust. Of course I do not mean that you should sit there breathing it deeply like a cigarette. Just take a note of the smell and color.

Here is for a quiet weekend at home...


Friday, October 09, 2009

More food from Korea

Well it is Friday so I can take 1 week off of our 12 week marathon...I think it is 12 weeks until Christmas, and New Years.
That will be a good time because we will have two 3 days weekends back to back. So um....11 weeks to go!
Today I want to introduce Sam gyup sal (삼겹살 in Korean). We would know this cut of pork as pork belly, and looks like bacon. Bacon is salted, Sam gyup sal isn't. So you can not grill some bacon and think your getting the right taste.

Basically in Korea many meat dishes are grilled, then wrapped in leaves, with vegetables, and other tasty side dishes thrown in. With Sam gyup sal there are 2 sauces you can dip the meat in. One is call Sam-Jang (Yogita will have to fill in the details here), and another with sesame seed oil, salt and pepper. Some universal side dishes that are served with Sam-gyup-sal is raw garlic, and green chilly peppers.

In the province we are in the sides are awesome! You get a wider variety here than in all of Korea. It is possible to get full on the side dishes alone!
Ok on to the pictures!

Eat your heart out Omorro!!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Crazy days are a coming!

Well it is the middle of the week and I am up at 2am posting. Why not? Tomorrow will be busy and crazy, I will be restarting a 7am class....heck I need some time to just chill. Yogita has already gone to sleep. I have been reading the blog of another English teacher here. I am so glad that I did not marry a Korean woman. I know it sounds terrible. I just cant help it.

Communication goes like this, I am in my car driving a Korean teacher (lady) back to our school from a company class. She says "You looked angry when I gave you the hamburger last week".

I am like: "Huh? I liked the burger. It was nice. Why would you think I was angry?"

She is like : "Well you were frowning while you ate it"

I am like: WT....heh you get the rest.

She thought I was mad. I liked the burger. I was concentrating. Driving in driving where there are no real rules that are enforced by the cops.

Yogita looks at me...and seems to understand....

Me frowning while eating a hamburger

Yogita is like: "damm look at that fool cutting off that other fool"

I am like: Damm straight, that fool wasn't looking!"

Yogita is like: "Oh my goodness, did that girl on the phone in her car....stupid idiot!"

I am like: "Damm women here can't drive!!!"

Ugh. I am so lucky.

I can imagine.

I go home to a Korean wife.

I am like: "HI HONEY I AM HOME!"

She is like: "Why are you angry?"

The next day...

I come home late...traffic is nuts..what I can say?

She says: "You have a new girl friend!"

I say "What the @!%!@^!@^!%!%^@%!^@, then run to the nearest pc room"

It is very stressful teaching in Korea. I say this all the time, and I know it is true...besides it makes me feel better. THERE IS NO EASY JOB!

In Korea there is a kind of fantasy surrounding teachers. Young women, heck older women too, tend to take a real liking to their teachers. I did not understand this until one year a rather busty student start pressing her mammary glands into my rather strapping shoulder. I TOTALLY freaked!!!

I moved 2 feet....I will be dammed if that boob did not catch up to my arm and make contact. When I felt flesh that was not what belonged to me....I shouted for Yogita, to come over and help me help this student. I must say when she said: "Jemal teacher...I must go to Japan for a year"
I was so happy I smiled.

Another thing that is amazing is white people. They respond to racism people. LOL

We are all human. I think I should shed some light on that.
I often hear white teachers complain about how Koreans treat "whitey" badly. LOL

Ugh anyways....time for night night.


p.s i still need some pictures up here.....

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

12 weeks.....

You know I am a joke. I talked about how we would do so many things for this holiday...yet we stayed home. It was very very very nice but...I just wasn't in the mood to battle traffic jams.
I must say this though, this year there were very few jams...if any. I have an option on my phone to check the CCTV cameras on the highways...and each interchange. It was so cool to look at traffic in real time. I saw NO jams, on the major highways near us.

So I feel kind of stupid. I will make sure to use this when we are driving. To avoid slow downs by basically "scanning ahead of us".

Ugh I have to post some pictures soon.

Darn...myface our yourface.....i gotta make a profile....