Saturday, July 29, 2006

Vacation time!

Well it is finally our vacation. But first I need to address everyone's concern over the N. Korean issue.

Here in South Korea the situation is not tense. People here are of the opinion that N. Korea would never attack the South due to having the same blood lines......
Anyways in my opinion I do think that this situation will become serious enough for war to break out. If war did breakout I think that N. Korea would bear the brunt of it, at the outbreak. It would give us enough time to get out of dodge so to speak. However I think the real danger is when Kim Jong Il dies, or if something happens on the inside of thier government.

Launching missles is not a new ploy, and the "long range" missle blew up. With the U.S increasing military assets in this area, air craft carriers, bombers (b-52's) on Gaum...I really think that N. Korea would not attack so as to lose power.

Anyways I am rambling. Do not believe everything in the news. While it is being portrayed as big news in America often the headlines here have nothing to do with N. Korea, or if it does it does not capture the headlines for long.

Bottom just is not considered a big deal here, there are some protests in Seoul..but then again...there always are.

Yogita and I along with Goerge will be traveling to North East of South Korea. That area comes close to the DMZ, and is said to be very beautiful. We will keep you all posted with pictures.

We have been compiling the videos we have taken with our camcorder....we lost some because I let the darn tapes sit too long. We will be sending them out later this month.

Some really big news...the most important to us...Yogita will be baptized on Saturday!!! I will try and catch this on tape...but it will be very crowded...I might be able to get the file from someone else.

Melah we have loved the pcitures on your site, your kids are sooo adorable. We too are considering having more children...

We have a new teacher at our school replacing Joel...I am glad you got into your program man!

We will post some updated pictures of George.