Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Car doctor!

I have a friend in Gunsan who I have known for a quite a while. He is a now a fully licensed mechanic. I really appreciate him because not only is he honest, he lets me poke around under the hood with him. So every time I need maintence, or a major repair job I learn a bit more about cars.

All over the world car mechanics take advantage of people who are ignorant about thier cars. So get to know your car, so that at the first sign of malfunction you can get the help you need with out getting ripped off.


Friday, July 29, 2011


More update on our upcoming vacation:

Since day before yesterday korea has been experiencing heavy torrential rain. There was a landslide that killed over 30 people. Major highways and roads are flooded and inaccessible. The province we wanted to go to is among one of the hard-hit regions.....go figure:).

So now we are again putting our heads together trying to come up with new vacation plans and it's frustrating to say the least. However, one thing we know for sure is we want to spent our time doing things together.

This picture was taken on a random Saturday afternoon but this is exactly what we are planning on doing: "chilling in eachother's arm" :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


i LOVE cooking...i love reading recipes, watching food network, cooking new recipes and trying new dishes......

i find the whole process of cooking very relaxing..i also think its a way for me to channel my creative abilities...i mix and match different ingredients, flavorings etc and create something unique..totally my creation!!!!

i think i'll post more pics. of my food here....yesterday i prepared this dessert with brownies, vanilla caramel ice-cream and chocolate was absolutely divine!!!!
no pics, though :(

this afternoon we had a very good lunch too.. we had homemade pesto ham and cheese sandwich with rye walnut bread, tofu chips and peach yogurt..this was the first time i made pesto at home YUMMY!!!! coming up :)

decisions decisions!!!!!!

Our vacation is like 2 days away and we are making plans....we are thinking about taking a long road trip, chilling at the beach and having some good old family time.....

last weekend we went to Son-yu was fantastic...we went claming, fishing, had barbeque with some was loads of fun!!!!!

Basically, we just want to relax and spend time together....we will see where we end up going...we enjoy the whole road trip experience so i guess destination is not important as long as we are together and having fun!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation edging nearer

Its that time of year again. I remember last year we went to Seok-cho. We left late at night I think it was a Wednesday night. I figured we could beat heavy traffic if we left at that time. I thought I was right when for about 80% of the trip traffic was relatively light. But as soon as we reached the interchange at Gang-nueng, there was our traffic jam! It was ok because it only lasted for like 30-40 minutes. However, I totally forgot where we stayed before (it cost only 50,000 won a night and they had the price clearly displayed). Instead we ended up at a resort, well it wasn't really a resort just an expensive hotel. We arrived very early in the morning like 2-3 am. I had insomnia and poor yogi could not get to sleep either. We ended up sleeping at 10am.

I guess the highlights would be the steak that was extremely small served with a ball of rice, and 1 jumbo shrimp, cut in half, and a handful of veggies. We decided to eat sam-gyup-sal and had a great time and spent much less!

This year using the iphone's apps we are able to see the hotels and even call ahead to check. I love my iphone 4.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


DIY or do it yourself is a good way to learn about the stuff that you buy and use everyday. For us in Korea it has saved us loads of money whenever a pc would break down.

I remember back in Alaska I saw a sign outside of a computer shop. The sign said that they do upgrades for something like 50 bucks and up for RAM upgrade, the price range went higher the more the RAM was upgraded. Of course the price of the chips are factored into the price, but really nowadays PC components and even some laptop spare parts can be had very cheaply. Your basically paying someone quite a bit of cash to stick a pc chip onto your motherboard. This situation gets worse when you consider PC crashes, and other hardware failures. People panic and drop loads of cash on an issue that can be diagnosed, and repaired cheaply and sometimes rather quickly.

For example you boot up your PC and you hear a looooooong beep sound, but the monitor remains blank, but you can hear your fans running inside of the case. Or you get a message saying that bios can not find a boot device. If you take this to a computer shop a honest shop will only replace what needs replacing. Other places will bring your pc back with new innards that you simply do not need. It happened here in Korea. My Boss had me check on of our PC's because it was having the blue screen of death (BSOD). I quickly researched the error code and told her that is a simple error, just replace the graphics cards. The graphics card failed. That is a relatively cheap and fast fix as office graphics cards can be bought second hand, and even new they are still rather cheap. I was too busy to do the work, so my boss sent it to get "fixed".

Afterwards I popped open the case, and laughed. The fool or should I say clever person, replaced the motherboard, ram, and graphics card. Totally the cost was still low but at least 3 times what it should have been.

So to all of you out there DIY isn't as scary as it seems. Download some videos, talk to your friends, chances are you have someone who can help you without charging an arm and a leg.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rain rain go away!!!

We are getting water dumped on us! We have lived in Gunsan for 9 years yet this is the first time I have seen it rain so heavily. I remember one year where for one day we had some flooding at intersections, and another where a typhoon brushed by Gunsan a bit too closely, and flattened rice fields. At that time one of my students who was in the army at the time told me how difficult it is to repair damage like that.

I heard that in Seoul they received no rain over the weekend. Good for them, wet and soaked for us!

We basically stayed in because well....even getting in the car we would have ended up soaked to the bone.