Friday, April 26, 2019

A nice little break for a couple of weeks

Our weekends have been very odd. Yogita is usually busy working while I am at home taking care of a few chores along with the boys. Our Boys get a lot of free time on the weekends so they are pretty set. Yogita, on the other hand, is doing what I have done years ago, Work on the weekends.

While I tend to get out of the house more due to this, we do not spend as much time together. So we are very happy because now she has this weekend and the next weekend free.

This weekend we will attend a friends wedding. Then we will go for Indian / Nepalese food. It will rain tomorrow so I do not know what we will do after lunch.  One thing we will do is...take advantage of this free time!


Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Time for a nice stroll

I have only one class left today, and Yogi will be finishing early so we will do some mid week shopping and stroll around the neighborhood. We have a number of nice shops near our house.
One is a no brand store. Which means the goods are much cheaper. When you have 2 boys this is a great thing to have near your house. It is also within easy walking distance.

This new area we are living in is basically on the edge of town. Yet it is so lively on the weekends. Our previous neighborhood Oh Yang Dong was also nice. The thing we did not like about it was that it shut down early on weekends. Weekdays even after midnight some places would still be open. Weekends...practically dead.

One thing that I enjoy...I do not NEED a car. In Gunsan...we really needed a car. We lived in areas that were far from work. Work was all over the city. Now, I am getting a real rest. One of the students said that I never look tired in class. One reason is my work is in one location. Well my classes are in one split shifts.

Perhaps Yogi will visit my class today. Ok I have to go.