Friday, March 31, 2006

We can feel spring!

Finally it is starting to get warmer, now in Korea that is not really a good thing as it gets very humid here. The winter was a mess though, we have heavy snows which is not usual for us, and Gunsan, and most of South Korea for that matter does not remove snow from city streets very well. I think they only make a few runs, so it really sucks. Side roads are really really bad. Heck I think that the roads that run throught the industrial complex where never touched at all resulting in crazy patches of ice, that made driving feel like ice skating (not a good feeling in a 1800kg car, and not to meantion that Yogita's car has no ABS system installed. I wish I had TCS, aparently the type of Acura Legend I have is the type 1 engine....less powerful at 215hp (asia ratings) and 200hp.

Oh well I am rambling on I will post some recent pics from the zoo here as well.
I also need to find out about hosting videos on the net.

Ok Josh wants to talk to me...I gotta go!

Its friday yeah it is friday yeah its friday!!!!!!!!

Ta ta


Friday, March 24, 2006

Daejon zoo plans!

Oh boy....once again I did not download the pics of our last trip to our computers....we took over 260 pictures of animals, and George and Gon-Ho.

We really need to have another family has been quite a awhile since we last had a picture taken, as a family.

Well this weekend promises to be quite fun, cause we are heading back to Dae-chon.
This time however we will go to the zoo. Dae-chon has a very large zoo..heck I thought Kwang-ju's zoo was huge..but apparently not.

After visiting the zoo we might go to Costco, you can never go wrong shopping there. Our supplies from the last time have run out about 2-3 weeks it time to go again.

I forgot to take pictures of the pizza there. It is HUGE there are only six slices to a pie, but they are so large that it is best to eat only 1 slice...more than that and you are asking for indigestion.
However, it is hard to resist, So I usually end up eating about....2.5 slices,...but not this time.

I hate getting acid reflux and all of that. Very annoying....especially at night....ugh. Sunday we will return to Jeon-ju and have alot of fun, visiting the friends, and maybe have dinner.

I gotta go!

see ya!!!


Monday, March 20, 2006

Kwang-ju..loads of fun!

Ok our trip to kwang-ju was great! We met many people, and of course went to the zoo.
It was really nice in that we saw many animals, and got some really nice close up shots as well.
George really had alot of fun calling out the names of the animals, and listening as I read the general information about each animal off of the those poster card things they have.

We will be posting some of our favorites pics on our websight for everyone to see as well.
We visited the friends in Kwang-ju as well there is an English group there...boy thier English is very very good! It makes me want to go and help out more in Jeon-ju where people need alot of help!

I had Neng-myon.....(cold noodles) I even took a picture of it..I will give you more information when I post the picture.

I will be getting another class (actually 2 classes), and a local elementary not far from our house.
I mean it is literally right down the road! So these days I go to companies, a high school on 2-3 saturdays month, and in April I will be going to this elementary school. It will be loads of fun! It brings back memories of Ulsan...we ought to scan some of those pictures and post them as well.

Ugh...I am sooo tired. So I will sign off for now..... to come asap!!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's movie night!

wow! it's been a while....nothing much has happened...same ole..same ole

Today is our "Movie Night". I and jemal look forward to our movie nights...we enjoy watching movies and watching them together is like double the fun.

well, last time we watched Saw-2. it was a good movie but pretty gory. anyways, today we will watch another movie...which one?..i donno. we usually go to the dvd place and decide or sometimes we take turns in choosing the movie.

as for some movies i am looking forward to watching in the future are: 'X-Men: The Last Stand' jemal got me into x-men..i have read the comics and by the way wolverine is my favorite. so anyways i am looking forward to this movie. another one is" Over the Hedge "..we saw the trailer and it was hilarious.

I am really excited about are movie nights...what's not to like..i am watching movie with the man i love , drinking is beautiful! hahahaha