Monday, May 21, 2018

A change is coming...

This might be 2012 all over again. It looks like we might be relocating back to India, or Iksan. Of course Iksan is the best option. We would be near a lot of friends.

Here are the options. One stay in Korea. This is the best option. Easy to make good coin, very nice for our lifestyle. Education for the boys is a very nice option. In the future jobs for them is also a nice perk. Foreigners who can speak Korean, and English with a very marketable skill equates to finding jobs easily.

Second option move to India and go on to the Middle East from there. I have always wanted to spend some time working and living in the Middle East. There are some nice perks that as well. Tax free, good salary, easy to save money due to the lifestyle. Cons are terrorist activity which at times have targeted foreigners, women have fewer freedoms. In Saudi Arabia women are going to be allowed to drive in June. Yogita is not so keen on that idea. LOL

The third option would be to stay in India. India works well in a number ways, Being free to do most things an Indian can do, while being able to obtain a salary much higher than average coupled with a very low cost of living. This makes India a strong option. Education for the boys is a good point as well.

Option 4 return to America. We could return to America and teach in Alaska. Um...if we have to we can do it. I just love living in Asia.

I just came back from a job interview it went really well. There is an issue with the start dates. The new location has the housing 500 meters away! It is right next to a nice shopping entertainment area.

I had to miss Josh's wedding....but what can I do? I must focus on the matter at hand.

Ok I gotta go!