Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ugh here are the pictures!

It has been too long since I have updated.

We have had 3 weekends in a row that where very busy.

This up coming weekend we will spend alone...I think we need the time.

Just cuddle and play with George, read a book together, play computer games together.

Go shopping. Go for a walk. Take pictures around Gunsan (sounds boring to some people but...we love it!)

I will post 5 of those pictures that we took!

There is alot to see in Gunsan. Driving can really take away from alot of the experience.

The GM Daewoo workshop (an intensive English program) is coming to and end....2 more days left. Last week heavy snows caused a cancellation of my class on the first day.

We recently bought a heater (fan that heats these coils and then heat radiates out from the fan) George uses that. We got a electric blanket. So this week we will get another blanket for George, and we will get another heater.

Yogita's desktop needs upgrades....her pc can't keep up with gaming nowadays....her 1 gig of sdram (133mhz) just is not enough, and her graphics card is well...crap.

I mean it should be a nice card for what we want to do with it. However it just can not handle heavy 3d rendering without the vpu resetting the cards settings to default....UGH!

I gotta lot to say because it has been awhile since i posted.

here are those pictures from around Gunsan.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Triple update today!

Yep thats right. I will update with pictures, and of course this short message which might get alot longer depending on if my students arrive this morning...poor Jeol.

You see in Korea there are seasons for almost everything. Take Jeol's class for example....well his 7am. He has 2 new students that have just started attending his class maybe...this week? That means that they will likely come early, and regualarly.
He has another student, he is quite dedicated to studying English..he comes early. So that means while I am writing this entry on this snowy morning He is teaching. (btw it is coming down in sheets, which USUALLY means that students will either come very late or they won't show up at all) Now this season high school grads (on vacation) before entering University will have about 3 monthes of time to study English or do whatever they so please (or rather whatever their parents would so please). Many flock to the local Hogwans (Adademy, institute, coaching school....).

This is also the Kimchi making season. So last week I received butt loads of kimchi...I mean Yogita and I. Boy we have enough to last a life time. I would like to give a shout out to Li lah, Byung wons mother, and our nieghbors! From them we recieved quite alot of kimchi. Actually Li-lah gave us the largest amount. Actually I think more people gave us Kimchi.... but I am not sure. Kimchi is like a pickle cabbage. Spicy, savory, red...juicy...a bit salty...goes well with most things. It can help you if you are on a diet cause you can add it to almost any dish, and it can fill you up, and seeing that is it low in calories, and get the picture!

Well actually one student did finally show up! He is better than I. If I where him I would have slept.

Ok read the next post! SHocking news! (well not shocking if you have lived in Korea)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Some pictures from Son-yu Island

Right now we are in Bu-an.
We are meeting my friend, Mr. Cho.
I drove his family and my family out to Bu-an to meet with him at his factory.
He lives at his factory in the winter, and his family visits him from time to time.

Anyways he has many pictures from our trip Son-yu Island earlier this year.
I found one really nice one of George.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Trip to Dae-jon 2

Well not really our second trip we have been to dae-jon about 4 times since we returned to Korea. However this was our second trip to Costco. We had alot of fun. Jeol came with us. He is our co-worker. He loves music and brought his mp3 player (it has a whopping 2gigs of flash memory!) That is twice as much as my sd card in my pda. Yogita Jeol and I (George was sort of sight seeing....) shopped to our hearts content. I got my usual Raisin bran, and trailmix granola bars. Yogita got cheese, candy (i forgot the has ground up almonds...well not ground up more like...almond bits..O.o with a toffee center....really nice!)

I am loving this new schedule. Finally after 3 years I have a nice schedule..I intend to make the most of it....I know my schedule will change always does.

This morning my students asked me what number is used to call information...Lanya, melah, Omorro, and can back me up on this but we used to always call 555-1212. Another number is 411 (i am sure the 2 numbers call the same place...)

I checked online...and of course both numbers are used for the same I seriously am doubting my memory more and more these days....this morning I actually thought I might have made a mistake.....>.<

Anyway I showed my students and told them that 411 would likely be a better choice to use because it is more simple. The 555 number....sheesh...I am rambling on.

Yogita got into a fender bender.....she feels low about it. It is really my fault I should done 2 things. One I should have installed the chains on her tires. Two, I shold have tld her not to drive seeing as though she did not have chains on her tires....babo me. I will but her a is not too expensive (about 500 bucks more than the espero) but it has abs, front and rear disc breaks...basically a better car all around.

Later this year or early 2007 I will buy her a Enterprise (Kia sedan)

Jeol and I where talking about how in Korea koreans just don't seem to have fun.
Maybe it is a different perspective. For example if I go bowling with my friends it does not really matter if I am not very good.

But in Korea they seem to have a formula for every outdoor activity. For example: swimming you MUST wear special gear, general playing around in the pool is not seen at all, just a bunch of people doing some serious laps. In Philly I remember the pool being a fun place. You don't know how to problem..just hang out and play. I started working out a few monthes ago. A friend of mine Korean could not just enjoy a good workout. He had to give advice. No do it like this. No not so heavy like this. It was I ignored him. I told him that I am going for strength training. He did not understand..instead I got the in Korea it is done like this....narrow minded.

So many activities here are governed by rules. Playing pool, bowling, fishing, going to the beach, there is little variety in the way Korean people do things. I guess it is the homogenus culture. In America we do things differently....and well....I guess we also do things the same as everyone else.
In my opinion we have more fun. Or rather we know how to have more fun. I am sure my students would disagree. I guess it is a matter of perspective, depends on which side of the fence your on. I still think that in America we have more fun.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A change in my schedule!

The school has hired 2 new teachers. This means that my schedule will become much easier. I will be able to spend more time with my family (I see George for about 30 minutes a day...sometimes less than that).

This weekend we might head back to Daejeon. Our supplies are running low. Actually I am excited about going back. They have some great pizza! It is HUGE!!! I will take a picture of it. Korean pizza's are more like a medium sized pizza, I mean a Korean large is a medium in America. The the taste....AWESOME! Not too greasy, with enough toppings to make me and Yogita happy. (George will eat almost anything that looks like a pizza).

So I am excited about my schedule change, and about our trip to Daejeon.


p.s: I will post pictures of our recent trip...I was busy last week, and I forgot.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New Resolutions!!!!!

Well, both of us are trying to get more organized and use our time wisely.....I will be updating the blog more often.....Also I'm planning to get back into arts and crafts, embroidery, knitting and writing.......I enjoy these things...Haven't done them in a while and since I am taking a break from work from next week I want to spend more time doing the stuff I like...Also I want to do some crafts project with George....Last winter I did some knitting and made a couple-caps for myself and jemal and a scarf for jemal...That was my first time...It was fun! So I want to knit a few things this year...

well, I gotta run...Class Time.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Getting more organzied

That is my goal. I am writing things down more these days, and checking them off once I complete them. This is helping me alot!
Today if I do not have my company class (more like a 1 on 1 class), then I will drop my notebook off for repairs. Next week I will repair the external hard drive I bought. Once those repairs are finished I will be able to offer more multimedia content in my classes. I am thinking about using a audio/video program 4 times a month.

Ok I have class. I will post pictures from my desktop...the function to post from this blog is not working.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Wow it has been some time!

Well my schedule was absolutely crazy! Ugh But we are able to manage.
I got some new hub caps for my car....boy do they make a huge difference in the way the car looks ( me that is!, besides yogita likes it too!).

Last week felt longer than usual because was doing about 9 classes a day. One of our teachers had an operation.
I think most of this week will be normal. I have to post some pictures that we took on a trip a couple weeks ago. I keep forgetting to bring the digital camera, and I have missed out some nice photos!

Oh Mike I just forgot! The dvd's are ready! We just have to mail them out to everyone now.

I just need to stop procrastinating.

George is picking up some bad habits from the Korean children at the daycare center.
But all is well.

ok tata for now!


Friday, November 04, 2005

Another busy weekend ahead.

I will meet my morning students for dinner tomorrow evening. But I have made plans with another student. Babo me....I totally forgot that last week my morning class students made plans to have dinner with Yogita and I.....

So I will have to reschedule our plans with another friend of mine...bummer. It is ok I guess, I really ought to improve my memory.

This week really flew by! Of course having the wednesday off helped speed things up a bit.

This weekend we where going to eat at Outback steakhouse, but as you know I forgot I had prior Jeon-ju this week.

It was a nice week, going to Dae-jon, watching a free movie on Monday.

Ok I gotta go. I really have to start posting more pictures here.....


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Trip to Dae-jon

Well this is the third time we have gone to Dae-jon this year.
The first time we took back roads, we had no maps, only a vague sense of direction.
Funny thing is it was sooooo much fun. We knew that Guemsan, was near Dae-jon and that is located northeast of Gunsan. So about 4hrs later we reached Dae-jon.

The next time we went had naviagation. It was ALOT easier. Getting into E-mart was a bit tricky. In that area there is alot of traffic. So if you miss a turn there is no option for a quick u-turn.

This time we went because we wanted to check out Costco. We bought RAISAN BRAN!!!!
Boy it has been over a year since I had that cereal! We bought 2 boxes (each box has 2 bags). We also go 3 large blocks of cheese, trailmix (about 70 of em), picante sauce (for our low carb diet), and prego spagetti sauce.

We will return in about a month.

The drive back was uneventful but fun.

George is getting spoiled at the Day care we take him too. Here in Korea most parents spoil thier children....even more so with boys. So George gets the red carpet treatment at the is starting to irk me. I am thinking about pulling him out.

At home he tries to pull off tricks that he does at the no avail.
Ahhh he just doesn't realize that I see right through what he is doing.

He had fun at Costco and alot fun during the drive, but every and then he likes to test us. He does not realize it yet but....the spoiling he gets might come to an end....

Ok take care!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Good times!

Ok so today went pretty smoothly. In the early morning class we have the managers coming. This winter will be very interesting I think.

Tomorrow we will decide on where to go but it looks like there is a remote possiblity that we might go to Dae-jon with other teachers from our school.
It sounds pretty fun!

But if we do not go to Dae-jon then we will drive to some other place. I want to get an early start, see some of the countryside in the morning. We want to eat at the place we decide to go to. So that means stopping by a rest stop for breakfast, then a local resturant at the location we chose.

So this week will fly by.

These days I am thinking about what car I want to get Yogita. Now she drives our first car. But she really wants to get another car (after driving mine that is).
I have my eyes set on the Kia is very nice looking sedan. I think that it fits her. But think she might go for a 4 wheel drive, or some small SUV (wait a minute...almost all suv's here are classified as small)

George will have a ball tomorrow I will take out the babyseat that we got for him, and use that for our trip. He loves it! It gives him a better view of the road.

Most Korean children are not restrained in any way when they are cars. But George never fusses..I think he just loves the view! My schedule is very busy I see him for about 30 minutes a day on average, so tomorrow will be special for all of us.

ok thats all for now..tomorrow I will post some pictures of our adventures.


Friday, October 28, 2005

A short week ahead.

Here is the I posted before....There will be a vote in Gunsan city.
Basically many companies will have the day off including us. This is unexpected, especially for us because it was assumed that academies would still be running.

So Novemeber which is a long month in the holiday department, suddenly becomes almost like many of the summer monthes. On that day I will hang out with a friend of mine he works at GM daewoo. I have posted pictures of him and his son on this blog before. He is a nice guy, we both enjoy fishing even though we are both are newbies at it.

So I have one more class then I will work out.....and go to a pc room. We should have a blast!

Tomorrow we are going to Jeon-ju, to Outback steakhouse. I is nice place to eat, BUT last time we ran into the strange Canadian couple we met last year.....AAAARGGHHHH.

Hopefully we will not run into them this time.


A short week ahead.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A big vote in Gunsan next week.

Ok here is the scoop! In Gunsan a company has proposed the construction of a nuclear waste facility. Now of course this has raised many concerns among the residents here.
It has virtually split the city in two. There are the yellows (who are against construction, and carry yellow flags showing the nuclear symbol, with a red "X" through it or a red circle crossing out the nuclear symbol), they seem to be the most active in my opinion.

Then there are the greens, they are for the nuclear waste facility. They carry around green flags that promote the construction, saying things like the new facility will bring more investment into Gunsan.

Now the yellows are afraid of leaking waste, pollution, and the stigma that a nuclear waste facility might have on Gunsan. I is a WASTE facility, maybe a power plant might sound better? I dunno. But what i do know is that next week there will be a vote. Some people will take time off from Work, just to vote. If I am free that day I will lay low. Protest tend to get violent here.....and do not want to be hit by a flying object meant for the greens, or the yellows, or just a flying object in general..... I mean large flying objects (projectiles) just do not agree with me, if it is outside of a sport.

Not meantion I stand out.....I might make a nice juicy target!
I am very curious as to what changes such a facility will bring. Other Korean cities have not done well after such a facility was bulit....hmmm I wonder...Gunsan a ghost town?

Oh some good news! The dvd room that Yogita and I frequent is having a special event.
It is their 3rd year in business, and for that certain vip members, will be able to watch a free movie! WOOOHOOO. Go me go me go me go me!

Ok....this week I will have extra work.....oh well. We will buy some Indian clothes in Daejon next weekend. I wanted to go this weekend, but I want to chill at home, or maybe go to Outback Steak house.....Yogita's favorite place to eat out at! (and mine too!).

ok i gotta go~!

Sunday, October 23, 2005


well, George was sick for a week but now he is doing well.....i stayed home with him and got alot of rest. Also today Jemal and I tried playing Lineage from a pc room here and it was Cool! We had alot of fun! Tomorrow we will take George out and probably watch a movie.

George did'nt eat much because he was sick....anyways today he was feeling better and the first thing that he asked us was "daddy hamburger" was sweet..we took him to McDonalds and got him a burger!!!

Well, Its time to go now. Bye


well, George was sick for a week but now he is doing well.....i stayed home with him and got alot of rest. Also today Jemal and I tried playing Lineage from a pc room here and it was Cool! We had alot of fun! Tomorrow we will take George out and probably watch a movie.

George did'nt eat much because he was sick....anyways today he was feeling better and the first thing that he asked us was "daddy hamburger" was sweet..we took him to McDonalds and got him a burger!!!

Well, Its time to go now. Bye

Friday, October 21, 2005

Rainy friday!

Ok it is friday once again. I think I will drop by a friend in Iksan, maybe have lunch. We have alot of winter cleaning to do, and I would like spend some time with my family outdoors this weekend...but with the weather the way it is....I am not too sure. I want to work out this saturday. I have not been very ragular this week. Which sucks! I have to finish my last class on time next week...I want to work out at least 4 days next week.

We have loads of movies to watch though....looks like a movie watching marathon.
I think I will make up for missing at the gym by using my wieghts at home.

I also have to put both notebook computers in the shop, mine needs a new hdd, while Yogita's needs a need ac adapter.

Maybe I can get a hdd over the weekend here in Gunsan?

Ok i gotta go!


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Some wedding pics!!

Here is a photo of a couple we know one is a teacher (the lady) and her fiance who is a friend of ours.

Actually they are both friends of ours. They will be getting married on Nov. 12th.

Koreans tend to marry in their late 20's to early 30's. Many will live with thier parents until that time. It was not uncommon for on of myt students (male in his mid 30's but single) get a phone call from his mother, ask him when he would be returning home.

When I first arrived here I thought that is was funny, inside I would laugh...I mean..your 30....and at home with Mom and Dad?? I have seen so many people in thier 30's living with thier parents that is seems...normal...

There are many things that Koreans do that are different from what Americans, or Indians do. Yogita and I talk about it all the time. Somethings we have grown accustomed to, while others...well...lets just say we dislike it strongly, but say nothing.

For is not uncommon, actually it is VERY common to see toddlers in the front seat in the lap of the driver. Sometimes I have seen the parents, or grandparents playing with child, as they are waiting for a traffic light.

Imagine a toddler playing in the front seat, with no restraining system just having a jolly ole' time. Or a young child doing the same.
On our way to Pusan (actually we have taken that route twice) we have seen etched in chalk on the highway (up in the mountains) the outline of 2 cars (the locataion of their wheels usually, in Korea in the event of an accident your required to use spray paint to outline location of your if you see spray paint you know there was an accident...I think it is for legal reasons...), and that of a small body...likely some baby that some had riding shotgun.

Well not take away from the couple here in the picture they look very happy together and we wish them all the best!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Had a nice chat yesterday night!

Talked to my younger sister over the net using mics. Had nice conversation, also I got hear our nephew! He is a such cute little little guy!

This week my schedule has changed perhaps for about another 3 monthes.
Until the spring, hopefully I will remain on this schedule, but it might change.

November will be a long month in that there are no national holidays. It is ok by me, cause in Dec, Jan, and Feb we will have holidays.

People chatting over the net is nice! Very nice, cheap all you need a pc with a mic, and speakers. There is only a 2 second delay when talking, but it is easy to get used to.

I hope my Mom will get online soon so I can chat with her on a regular basis, I have chatted with my twin brother, and younger sister. I hope to use this more, as it is very simple and fast.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Winter is coming.....

I can feel it more and more, the chill in mornings, the early morning students arrive later and later. It is getting dark earlier... Of course this does not compare to Alaska. Where during the winter it becomes dark very early, and remains dark most of the day.

And in the summer you have the "white" nights. I miss that about Alaska...very different up there.

Yesterday we saw Interpreter, it was such a good movie! It seems that we are on a roll! For the last 4 movies we have watched they have all been very nice.

The last movie that sucked was Japanese movie.....BOY THAT MOVIE SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strange acting, odd scenes that seemed to make NO SENSE!!!!

LOL I mean this guy was supposed to have this special strong armor.....BUT the armor looked like cotton! Heck it was COTTON! Then he is fighting some bad guys, and they are armed with swords...I am thinking "with that special armor he will have no problems defeating them..." Stab! The sword goes right through!!!!! The main character staggers about but he never is really dead...just sort of bloodied, and limping around........ugh 3 hours of that nonsense....some Japanese movies...well most of them that we have seen made no sense to us......

Ok I gotta go!


Sunday, October 09, 2005

End of Our Vacation!!!!Back to Work!!!!

well, today is the last day of our 1week vacation. It was a lot of fun!!
we chilled at home, played lineage, spend time together as a family, went on road trips, visited Seoul and a whole bunch of other stuff....
But alas! all good things must come to an end and so did our vacation ^ ^

anyways we are kind of excited about going back to work and having our crazy routine back up and

I got to do a lot of thinking during the vacation and one thing i realized was that we(humans) are always RUSHING...for something or other so i have decided to take it it one day at a time..

well just because the vacation is over doesn't mean i can't does it!!!!! :)

Friday, October 07, 2005


Well we have had alot fun, and rest. I am actually looking forward to going back to work. I think my schedule will me extra time.

We went to Seoul again, after driving up and down south korea looking for a place that we typed into our navigation incorrectly. 400km.....well it was fun we had some really nice conversation....George was was happy.

I think in December the school will close down for a couple of days, we will go back up to Seoul then...we had some really nice North Indian food. Some Indians when they cook they pill in chillies, and spices. Well...not Yogita! Her cooking is very very nice! Very flavorful, with out being overpowering. This resturant was exactly the same! Very nice north Indian dishes reasonably priced....YUMMY! We will go back there!

Ok I have some banking to do!



Friday, September 30, 2005

here are some pics!

here are some recent pics of us..oh and it looks like we might visit alaska sooner then we expected because of my paper work...we might have to postphone our trip to India as well......oh well, enjoy the pics!!!!

Friday...friday at last!

Well I still have about....5 classes to go but I am feeling my temporary freedom.

We will go to Cheon-ju...there is a store there we like to visit. Also Yogita will finally be getting her driving license.
She will do all of the driving. I want to hang out at a pc room over this vacation.
We want to travel as well.

Hmm...I am bored....I bought gas today.....40,000won worth....40 bucks...about 27 liters....divide that by 3.78l and you have I am still bored. I will play scrabble with my class from Ecka (chemical company), and have a listening activity with my class from Hanglass (they produce auto glass).

Oh hum.....Melah I found out that the green tea in Korea comes from CHina and well...they have no epa regulations, fda or the such....thier green tea is contaminated with lead, and pesticides.....the latter could be the problem for my poor tummy' entire gastrointestinal woes.....I am on the mend...but no more green tea highs until they get the lead issue settled.

Ok...we got George a new toy....he loves it! So do Yogita and I...still bored...WOW

look at the time! I gotta go to class......end boredom/


Thursday, September 29, 2005

A quick update!

Ok the meds are really helping my guts are on the mend! Now Yogita is feeling under the weather...later she will post some pictures.

I took my students out to an open market (with guts that were complaining the whole time).

We got George a new set of blocks....I think he really likes them. I will post pictures of them...they are a set of blocks that use magnets. Pretty nice actually.
Yogita was playing with George just before I left...look like alot of fun...I might join in!

Ok I gotta go!


p.s Melah if it was a bone then I really have to be more careful! I eat bony fish all the time!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I am feeling sick....I ate something that scratched my cause errosive gastrastitis....(I dunno about the spelling). Basically I ate something that scratched the inner workings of one of my favorite organs.....(poor stomach.)

Eating has become an ordeal....because...well...lets just about 20 minutes (agonizing minutes) I have to take a prompt visit to the bathroom...

So I am drained, and I feel quite blue. Well today I went to a doctor! He gave me the above diagnosis, and prescribed some pills. Well!...I feel like I am on the track to recovery. Tomorrow I will teach only half of my classes, So after my Eka class (a chemical company), I will be able to rest! Boy do I need it!

Next week I will take my vacation, so Yogita and I will travel, relax at home call people up in Alaska, and India. HOPEFULLY I can convince Yogita's sister to come here to Korea instead of us going there...we might need extra time to prepare for the trip. November is looking like it will be a busy month.

Last week on friday I took one of my classes to the open market. It was fun teaching them the English names of the many fishes there.

George is doing great, we bought him a another set of toy he has many many little cars to play with.

I will tell Yogita to update here...she has been slacking....along with me...


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Well what a wierd week.

Lets see...yesterday felt like Monday..but it was wednesday, today feels like tuesday but it is thursday..and this evening will not be normal because I will go out for dinner with students from GM-Daewoo. A sort of end of semester dinner. Today we will be giving all of the students a test.

I hope to get extra time to work out....of maybe I will start working out early so we can head home early. That would be nice. I have to upload some more pictures on to this blog. We recently took a trip....and well we have pictures to show all of you out there. So stay tunned!

We will be taking a vacation on the first week of Oct. we will go on a road trip...perhaps we will go east. I also want to relax at home.

I think I might have a stomach ulcer. Yuck. I will have to see a doctor...I am not looking forward to it...but I might need some treatment....or just better eating habits....

Ok I gotta go!


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Haven't posted in awhile.

We have just come off of a 3 day weekend. It was really nice. We drove north (to avoid heavy traffic), to Chung-nam province. Lets just say we had to change our plans on couple of occasions due to traffic.

Anyways we went to a small town called mun-chang. We ate there and basically chilled for the day, and stayed over night.

It was raining very heavily. Sunday we relaxed at home..I got some much needed rest. However on Monday I got really sick....stomach, and intestinal cramps, with diarrhea, and was aweful. I rested for over 16 hours...taking only fluids...

So today I feel alittle wierd....

But this week is a 4 day week, and one day is gone....3 more to go!

I will be burning the videos to dvd this week. Ugh I am behind scedule I should have gotten that done ages ago.

ok my last class awaits!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Long day today.

A teacher will be too busy to take the 10am I have to cover for her today. Ugh it will be a long day today. It is ok. I will really need to take a nap this afternoon!

Ugh I am still getting only 4hrs of sleep each night..except on the weekend that is.
I need to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep. On saturday we saw Island, a science fiction movie....I will reveal the storyline here..but it raises some interesting issues about a new technology that has many scientist excited.

Other than that..OMORRO RETURN MY EMAIL MAN!!!!


Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ok here are the rest!

Ok here are the rest! George and Kwan-Ho look so cute together! Actually both of his parents work for Daewoo, his wife works for TATA daewoo, and his father Mr. Jang works for GM Daewoo.

Ok enjoy the pictures!


Here we are at my friend's house with his family!

These are from their apartment. We had chicken and pizza, Goerge and Kwan-Ho played alot!
I have about 4 more pictures to upload.


Friday, September 09, 2005


This week has been dragging along. This is perhaps the 2nd week in a row to sort of drag along....

I mean it has been quite eventful, we saw "Nine Lives" starring W. Snipes (i cannot spell his first name).

It was ok..not his "I am a super duper tough guy, and I kill everyone before they kill me" the movie he did kill people like that but..his character was well....more mellow....I kind of liked that about the movie.

So I have about 3 classes to 7 classes a day....doesn't feel like that...

more like 4 or 5 days fly by!

Well...I wanted to go on a long walk with Yogita buuuuut I think I can cancel those just started to rain, and it looks like it will be quite heavy!

I have to call Omorro...and we have to call India.

Ok I better go now...I ate some really greasy I feel...greasy.


Monday, September 05, 2005

3rd week of our working out.

Well we started working out about 3 weeks ago....I feel MUCH stronger, my energy level has increased dramatically.

Yogita is loving it as well.

George had loads of fun this weekend....however he had a case of diarrhea....but no worries...I.....Dr. Hogan fixed him up right....well....Yogita and I did.

Koreans will go to the doctor for the smallest problem. If they have a cold, or a slight fever, or even a cough that they know is being cause by an allergy, they will still pay their doctor a visit.

They do not understand it when I tell them that in America if I had a stomach virus I would be treated at home by my mother first. I have NEVER gone to hospital for anything serious.....I would go for strept throat....and regular doctors check-ups but...that is about it.

I set up a router at my friends house. He has two pcs that he would like to have share the same vdsl internet connection that they have.

Here in Korea we have some of the fastest internet services! I typically get download speeds of around 600-800k! 1MB/sec is just around the corner!!!!

Ugh Omorro I have to talk to you...about your music that you sent to us.....sorry I did not give you my feedback sooner, we kept missing each other on MSN.....

Ok I gotta go!


Sunday, September 04, 2005

End of the weekend!

This weekend was very relaxing and refreshing....i am going to post some new pics.

Friday, September 02, 2005

It has been awhile.

Another week is over. It has been pretty nice over all. It looks like my schedule will change for a bit which will allow me more free time.

You know it is really interesting to read the blogs of other people who are living and working in Korea (English teachers that is). The experiences are quite similar.

Many English teachers prefer the big cities, Seoul, Pusan, Ulsan, Daejon, ect.

I personally feel that Seoul is basically a massive group of huge apartment cities with populations of 10-20,000 people. These "cities" have everything the residents would need. For example many small food markets, bakeries, fried chicken shops (Koreans love fried chicken you can see these little shops EVERYWHERE!). Also they will have entertainment singing rooms (no-rae-bang) Like a Karyokye bar with small rooms where groups of people can sing their favorite songs, pc rooms, video rooms, coffee shops, and so on. I mean these places are SOOOO alike. The major difference I would say is in the areas where a University is nearby. Then you will find a plethora of drinking places, "love motels", singing rooms, and pc rooms.

I lived in Seoul for about 1.5 was fun. We would pick a subway station then venture out there. We would explore. Yogita would look at people, animals, pictures, advertisments, clothing, food, everything caught her eye. I on the other hand would be keeping an eye out for mopeds (which people drive on the sidewalk), traffic (traffic here is horrendous, Korea has some of the highest rates of traffic fatalities in the world. Not to meantion pedestrian deaths due to cars.....), I also keep a sharp eye out for our distination while listening to Yogita's commentary on everything visually stimulating. Actually I love to listen to her at those times.
Hearing she talk about the things she sees gives me an insight into how she sees the world. Well...ok lets not get off track.

basically there are many similarities here in Korea. Why do we stay? It just feels like home. Sure there are pros, and cons to living in Korea, but then again I do not care where you live....those pros, and cons follow you.

I listened to a fellow teacher vent today. It surprises me when I see people who come over full of confidence, shoot themselves in the foot by not looking on the bright side. I tend to focus on the postive. When the negative comes along I deal with it and keep going. Many people here just do not do that...I mean foriegners, English teachers. They should get the most out of being here, and realize that it is not the same as where they came from. If traffic is very dangerous think twice about using a bike, or rollerblading on city streets.

I mean..there is alot to see here, even though as I meantioned above there are many similaries. You see a place has a different "feel". While a street in Seoul at first glance looks like any other street, you will quickly realize that the atmosphere is different....

Just look at the pictures we post...perhaps you can get a good feel into how different a place is....

Ok I my rant is over for now. I will post again with some pictures tomorrow. I am using a new web seems that uploading pictures is almost impossible!


Monday, August 29, 2005

Ok here are the pictures of Un-Yeob and Byeon-won

....This had better work!

Had a nice restful weekend!

Ok So I am on a 1 month break from my Saturday class, and now I go to a High school and teach there for about an hour. This means that for the time being I have extra time......oh yeah!

So I got some much needed, and spent time at home. We played lineage, went out for pizza, it was the most restful Saturday yet! This is Chu-sok month so we will have a 3 day weekend...actually it is possible to have a 5 day weekend if chusok falls on weds, because it is a 3 day holiday.

You know Koreans do things in a such way that it is easy to predict thier behavior.
For example: Chusok....people will hit the road at around the same time, and clog of the roads for HOURS! Rest stops will packed, a 2 hour trip will take 5 or 6.

I am not saying that Americans, or Indians do not do this, of course we all do it is human nature. However, we try to avoid those patterns. For example daejon beach is a very nice place to visit. However, Koreans will only go there in large numbers during the summer season. (same as back home). SO if you want to have a great during off peak seasons. If you want to have a look around Seoul, Chu-sok is a good time to try! Millions of Koreans will be leaving the capital and heading to smaller cities, towns, and villages. Actually Gunsan will be a bit more crowded in certain areas. You will really notice a difference in the country side as cars, and mini vans line the dusty but very serene country roads. Those cars seem so out of place....I mean the usual sight would be tractors, or Korean style pickup trucks, motorcycles and the like.

Ok...before I sign off I will run spell check...I am terrible when it comes to spelling!


p.s I actually only made 3 mistakes! Way to go Jemal!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Here you go Un-Yeob

Un-Yeob is a student,and a friend..well we are friends with his family.
We went to Son-yu Island with them a couple of weeks ago.

So here I will post more pictures of him, and his brother Pyeong-won.

Monday, August 22, 2005

The package has arrived!

Well the package we sent to India finally arrived! I was very happy to hear about it from Yogita.

Next we will work on sending a computer over. I will build it myself, and make sure it has the needed software with which my in-laws can communicate with us more easily.

I have call Alaska, but I so busy I just have no time. I will find the time perhaps this week I will call. I haven't called in a long time.

Last weekend was very tiring but alot of fun! We went fishing at a local park 운파 (Un-pa if you do not have Korean fonts installed...well...also if you do, and you cannot understand Korean).

This park has some beautiful views! There is a good sized lake, even a small amusement park. Dotted along the egde of the park there are numerous resturants. It seems that duck is very popular in this area. Many of the resturants serve duck. However you can find some "healthy" Korean food. I say "healthy" because...well..Korean food in general is quite healthy, and lean. Also Koreans tell me that these resturants serve "healthy" food. Perhaps it is super healthy?

I want to try them out see what the hype is all about. I have had Korean style duck.
I must is very different from what I have had in the past. I will post some pictures the next time I have duck.

Well I went fishing in Un-pa lake, and together we caught 3 Bass. We will cook them up later this week. I want to go back to that lake again, especially if the bass we caught is really good! I went out for 2 dinners, and when to a PC room.....ugh I am sooo tired. George had a ball at the lake, he played with his friend Gwan-woo. They are the same age and are similar in personality. I forgot the darn camera so guess who did not catch and pictures of fish we caught!

Ugh.....I still need to find time to find out how to post videos on this blog. There is so much I can show you. Oh and I going to burn those dvd's....gotta find time!

ok I gotta go!


Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's saturday!!!!!

so it's saturday...does that mean "REST"....probably we have a lot of i guess tomorrow will be our real rest's fun anyways....i just love going on drives and exploring a new place...i and jemal are so impulsive in that sense...say we are chilling at home or hanging out and we suddnely decide let's go on a's 'Awesome' my personal experience trips like that are more fun than the planned ones...ok here our some recent pics.

Friday, August 19, 2005

At the end of a four day week!

Ahh friday. Actually I am going to use this post to show Yogita how to post pictures on this website. I have also found a way to link videos to this blog as well.

One second I have to call Yogita!

These are some pictures of a nice park near our old apartment in Anchorage!
Ok I have just shown her how to post pictures here so now she will.

I want to transform our blog into a sort of photo journal.

Anyways it is friday, I will have dinner with my students tonight, sam-gyup-sal.
I will make sure to bring the digital camera along.
I have lost my cell phone (hand phone in Konglish). So I and Yogita will look into getting new cell phones. Some more news I will go fishing on saturday! We are going for bass....I will MAKE SURE to bring our crappy digital camera along!

Ok I gotta go!


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ok more pictures from Son-yu Island

Ok some more from Son-yu-do. We also have some pictures from 2002 and 2003.
In the future we will post them here as well.
Actually near Gunsan there are many small Islands, where people make a living from fishing and industries related to fishing. These people are also very warm hearted, more so than people from the mainland.



Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Could not access our blog!

I was unable to update to a number days because for some reason I could not access our that sucked! But it is all ok now.

I want to answer some questions that have been asked namely the live octopus eating in Korea....Lanya....yes they eat it while it is alive, and I have heard of reports of people choking on them....will I do the same? NOWAY!!!!

Gas here cost about....$1.40 cents for a liter, so multiply that by 3.78 and you have one gallon....let me use my calculator on my computer......Oh my goodness!!!!
It is over $5.30 cents for a gallon!!!!! In Seoul it is about 5.60 cents getting closer to 6 bucks!!!

Ok is there a solution! YES! I will have a LPG tank installed in my car (it cost me 100 bucks to fill up!)
Installation will be expensive but the cost of lpg is a little less than the cost of gasoline stateside. Now remember, if I travel to one end of Korea it is same as traveling to one end of the U.S if you consider that you are going from part of the country another part. For example if I go to Pusan, or Seok-cho then it is like going from Philadelphia to west coast, or to Florida. So to get around is not as pricey. Here a 4-6 hour drive is considered a very very long drive. It is like...driving cross country....(in the states it would equivalent to driving across one state!). So to get to Pusan I could use 1 tank of gas, and have a little left over. The price of round trip bus tickets for Yogita and I comes to arround 80-90 bucks, minus the comfort of your own vehicle. So everything sort of balances out. Also I make pretty good money...not great or awesome but pretty good, so it does not effect our budget to greatly, also the school helps me out by paying about 50% of my fuel cost. IF I got a lpg tank (luiqidfied petroluem gas) then the 50% the school gives me 9-6 monthes out of a year would be more than suffiecent for a full month!

So I will be looking into getting secondary fuel tank. It would smaller than the main tank, but it would cost about 15 bucks to fill it up (40 liters) or 30 bucks (80 liters)

Ok I will post some more pictures of Son-yu island.

take care!


Saturday, August 13, 2005

First day of the 3 day weekend.

Well I am kinda tired because I stayed up late yesterday playing one of my new games.
I will take it easy today, stay and home, workout, maybe run out later and try fishing with Yogita..The weather looks perfect for it right now..but weather in Gunsan can change quite a bit!

We finally sent the package to is easier than I thought it would step....sending the bigger package!

I am so tired of hearing about reports of U.S soliders being killed in Iraq.
The press is just trying to get a story out that will turn heads. I feel that enough is enough. Man has no idea what he is doing. That is why the mission to go into Iraq ended up the way it did. Soliders, killing innocent people, IED's blowing everyone up! But...we hear about the trained military personel who die....what about the scores of kids, and women. Or how about this, a bunch of men...whose only care in the world is to get job a to support thier families gets blown to bits....they where just standing in line. It just makes a person sick to the stomach.

Well I will sign off for now....


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The "hump" day!

Yep wednesday is here. Pino....I have more muscle is ALL muscle!

Lanya your right we need to post more pictures, so tomorrow or friday I will post some more pictures we took of Son Yu Island. I think I will post 10 pictures.

Anyways today was actually much easier due to the fact that one of our major company classes is on vacation this week. So today I got more rest. Also there is a 3 day weekend coming up, so next weeek will be only a 4 day work week. Not bad....August is shaping up to be the easiest month so far!

We will send a package to India, Yogita's dog needs some things, and I promised chocolate to her younger sister....sorry! I hope you can forgive me, I have had an extra load of classes for the past 3 monthes. We will try to make this package special!

George is speaking more Korean than English; well in public that is. He is soo much like Yogita, in personality, and looks. He is getting taller these days, also about 3-4 monthes we completed his potty training. It was easier than we thought.

Ok...I gotta get get ready for my last class!



Monday, August 08, 2005

Ok Dong-su here they are!

Hi one of my students Dong-Su really wanted me to post these pictures of a dinner we had together, last weds. night.

These are the memebers of my late night class I mentioned before.

Man next to me is West Cloud (his name in Chinese means "west cloud".
The man sitting next to him, and paying the bill is Mike. Both of them are god friends and are very fun people to spend time.

Setting across from me on my left is Jun, he works at the airbase and has picked some nice English skills through his job! Next to him is Dong-Su! I forgot to visit him in Impi one week ago, but it is ok, because we visited him yesterday. It was fun, I also met many of his friends.....I mean we....Yogita was with me. We almost allways do things together!

Ok now on to the pictures!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

SonYu Island!

....What can I was wonderful! George had a blast and met many new friends!
Yogita, and I had loads of fun. We ate seafood, hung out with a family some really good friends of ours.....we sort of feel like we are part of the family here. It was great!

We went fishing but for only a short time, the tide was coming in and we had to quickly leave the rock we where fishing on. We will go fishing by ourselves next weekend.

When we visited the Island we saw our directors home town. We met her older, and younger brothers, and thier wives, and family. We feel closer to her (my boss, and good friend). I can't wait to tell her about our trip!

Ok on to some pictures.

Actually there are series of small Islands in this area. The one we stayed on had bridges connecting islands to each other.
The 2 boys you see in the pictures above are George's friends, and our students, and friends. We are also friends with thier parents as well, I hope to do more fishing with thier father!

Yogita's hair blowing in the wind! Oh..we all got sun burned! Yogita, I can understand, George? Of course. ME?! Sheesh, I thought my skin could handle it....darker skin tone, and all...but NO, I got sunburned too.

Oh...I should also mention that we have never missed our cars more in our short driving lives!

Friday, August 05, 2005

wow it's been a while!

we have been busy....well, me slightly and Jemal alot...anyways, we have a 2 days summer vacation( actually 4 including the weekend) so we are going to SonYu Island...we have plans to go's a pretty island about 2 hours by boat from Kunsan...we are very excited...we will be leaving in an's a small island but pretty...we have been there 3 yrs. ago when i was visiting it again with George will be STRANGE....

k gotta go...i'll post about how it went when we get back!!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

It is thursday and I think we will have a rainy stretch of weather. This weekend we have many plans. Yogita and I will try and give our rods a test run, and go fishing, then we will visit a small town (Impi). I want to play lineage also this weekend.

I must post more pictures of Korean food. Falanya yes, Koreans do eat live octopus, and there have been a few cases where people have died because the thing choked them on the way down! Needless to say I will NOT be eating live octopus. I will try to post some pictures of Korean food.

Ok I gotta run!


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I will have chicken today!

So my day is winding down now. I have just one class remaining. I really like the students in that class. We have alot of fun during class, they are a funny bunch of people. Almost all of them are extremely busy during the day, so this time 9pm is the best time for them.

Let me give you a glimpse into my day.
It begings at 6:20am when I get up to get ready for work.
My first class is at 7am, then after that I drive home, for breakfast.
My next class is a company class, that begins at 11:30-12:30 in the afternoon.
My next class is another begins at 12:40, and finishes at 1:30pm.

after this time I am free until 4:00pm, but by the time i get home it is around is a 30 minute drive from the industrial zone.

Ok so I start again at 4pm-5pm. GM daewoo then begins at 5:45-6:45pm, then I must rush back to the institute (I drive other teachers and we all have classes that start at 7pm)
So that is a 7pm-8pm class, then i have a 1 hour break so I eat a snack at this time. I then have the class that I meantioned above. This class generally last a bit longer than one hour because....they love to study!

So all in all I have 7 classes.....ugh. It is tiring but my day flies by sooo fast!
I am always driving somewhere listening to my music at very high volume! I love my job.

Ok I gotta go!


Monday, July 25, 2005

Nice alot of rest.

Well it has been awhile since we last updated. We have traveled to Daechon again.
We couldn't believe our eyes, we saw many Korean women wearing swimming suits. This just was not common a few years ago!

We had ice cream, and shellfish, all in all it was a nice experience.
We will go fishing this weekend...maybe...we will take our rods for a test run.
We bought 2 fishing rods last sunday. But we have to get more tackle, though.

There are alot of nice places for fishing around here!

George had a ball he went to a swimming pool with other kids from the daycare.
They all looked so cute!

Ok I gotta go...I now have 7 classes a week tired....



Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Middle the week!

This week has strangely flew by! I thought that today was tuesday. I like when I make that mistake....learning that today was wed. put me in a very good mood.
Tomorrow is thursday, and thursdays are always nice because friday comes after.
Fridays....the easiest day of the week!

We got some Indian movies in Seoul over the weekend. So tonight's movie night will feature an Indian movie! WOOOOHOOOOO. I love bollywood movies..I can catch a glimpse of India, and Yogita tells me things about India when we watch the movies. I learn sooo much.

George is very polite. He always says please, thank you, hello....err...well...polite ...ya know? I will be putting together a dvd to send to our family in Alaska, and Philadelphia, and to our family in India. I think everyone has a dvd player so it should not be too difficult for them to view the video.

Dvd burners rock! In Seoul we picked up a hdd, (80gig) which we will use when burning movies, or pictures to dvd. Finally our hard drive problem is fixed. We now have enough hard drive capacity to suit our needs.

My computer is back up to 1gig of ram! 3200 ddr ram!...My games fly now! They load fast! and I experience very little lag!

Ok I have just one more class for today then I am free....


Monday, July 18, 2005

Our Trip Was Fun!

The trip was alot of fun. We left on friday night and came back on Sunday afternoon...we did some shopping for food, books and computer was very exciting...We could'nt find the new book from the series we are reading of Robert Jordan's "Wheel Of Time" but we placed an order for it...we should recieve it in 2 weeks.

just driving around seoul was so different then here in Gunsan..i and Jemal had fun figuring it out though.....We also picked up some Indian movies....we watched one last was nice although a bit sad....George had a ball in Seoul. We will post some pictures from the trip later.

Oh Yeah! and we did get lost even though we have navigation so i guess Jemal did'nt miss the getting lost and exploring part that much...somehow WE(Jemal and I) seem to get lost pretty often after all said and done....LOL(honestly i love it) :)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Friday is here!....Well almost.

Ok so we are making plans to take a major trip this weekend. We want to leave Seoul on friday night. That has always been our tradition. Leave on friday night when the buses would not be so crowded. Then get to Seoul at around 1 am then check into a motel, put George to bed. Then we would then stay up make plans for tomorrow then watch some tv or a video, then sleep.

We then get up early about 8-9am to shower, and to get a head start. Rush hour in Seoul is crazy but Saturday mornings it is not soo bad. Anyways then the fun begins we would take the subway to the different distinations we wanted to visit, shop like crazy then head back to the Motel, and rest. Sunday we would do a little more shopping then head back to our home. (Ulsan, and now Gunsan)

I do not miss living in Seoul but whenever I visit I am flooded with memories, and emotions. I always remember the fun we had in Seoul, the good memories. Exploring different areas, and getting lost. (I guess Navigation has one short coming!).

But Seoul is like a big supermarket/department store to us. We can find whatever we need in Seoul. There are even some nice Mountains to hike in Seoul. Ahhh the nice memories.

Ok i will play some computer games then head to bed. Night night!


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sleepy day.

My eye lids feel sooo heavy. Last night and every day this week I have been going to sleep by 2am.

Yogita and I have been staying up watching tv or playing lineage.

We are ready for our trip to Seoul, boy navigation is sweet. Getting around Seoul could not be easier now.

It is starting to get more humid, but it is still relatively cool.
I heard that it will rain tonight....perfect setting for our movie night. Yesterday we went out with students....we did not have neng-myeon......we had fried chicken, and was...ok. Maybe tomorrow I will get neng-myeon.

ok I have to sleep then prepare a test for my students.



Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Really nice weather today!

We have had a rainy stretch for quite a while. Rainy and muggy weather was the norm. But today the weather was awesome! Clear skies in the morning, very cool, dry weather. This type of weather is not the norm for this time of year.

I think I will suprise Yogita by having a movie date tonight instead of tomorrow night. (Our regular movie nights is wed.).

Goerge drew a car sort of looked like a car. He really likes pizza, so I will get him a pizza later this week.
George has soo many toys is it not funny, his favorite is a pooh bear. He named the bear Ah Gee (baby in Korean), his other stuffed animal "stitch" he named baby....

anyways tonight I will have neng myon with my students, and I will take pictures of it....YUMMMY!!!!!!!!

Ok I gotta go now!


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Some pics of Seoul

Ugh I am really sleepy right now...I know we have more pictures on cd's...but...I am too sleepy to look for them. In about an hour I will take a look!

The one with Yogita sleeping was taken when we were on a bus, and the other picture was taken when we were on the train. UGh bus and train with a little baby...never again!