Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finally a day off is in sight!

Well finally we are approaching a few holidays, well...actually just 2, one next and and another at the end of may. Next week is children's day, which is a national holiday. However in Korea if a holiday falls on say a Tuesday that week isn't converted to a 3 day weekend. Instead we have a "sandwich" day that is we work on Monday, then rest on Tuesday. It was a bit weird getting used to it, but...now its no big deal.

However, I don't think I want to do much, perhaps go for a short drive, take my family to a nice Chinese restaurant out in 회현. I heard some bad news from a student of mine that I am very friendly with. Some one she knows was diagnosed with cancer. I just hope that biopsy shows that the tumor is benign.

The boys are doing well, and hardly get into any serious trouble. I feel quite fortunate, but I have come to realize why I was such a handful with my own mother. She basically raised us alone. Seeing that she had 5 children to care for it must have been overwhelming. My father worked very hard to support his large family, but the buck stopped there. He grew up in an environment where his father was aloof, distant, even cold. I have learned that way is not healthy if you want to build a relationship with your children.

I thank my mother, my father in law, and my mother in law for the good examples, and advice they gave me. I thank my father because despite his short comings he stayed in the trenches, and worked his ass off. That is a sacrifice. I get how he felt, I just wished he fought it like I am fighting the urge to distance myself from my boys. I make sure that my door is always open to them. Maybe they can not spend time with daddy every time they ask. Yet 7 times out of 10 they know I will say come on in. Also they know that I will listen to their stories, and answer the many questions that they have.

It is a struggle that I will NEVER give up. Lastly I must thank my wonderful little lady. Yogita is always supportive, and helps remind me of important things in my boys lives. This helps me to stay in tune with what is going on with them.

So yes finally there is a day off in sight, I look forward to spending the day with my family!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Time for some el cheapo upgrades!

When you have a multimedia pc / gaming rig (mid range gaming rig) there some things that you really need. Those items can actually be quite cheap. Especially with todays PC market getting hammered by tablets. It is now looking like either pc's will be a think of the office, with only gamers really using PC's at home.

PC's have many compenents but today two items the hhd (sata drive, 3.5 inch, not SSD) are so cheap, and of course RAM (DDR3).

Perhaps in april we will be doing 2 things upgrading our internet connection and up grading our ram. Our graphic cards will have to wait until this fall.

On my pc as well as on Yogita's we have 2 hard drives one is a terabyte (TB), and the other is like 350 gigs. Ram...8 gigs each.

When I set up this pc back in 2012 I thought wow this will last for a long time. At that time my max RAM usage was like 3-4 gigs. Today....I can top 6gigs. Once I get to that level my pc feels like a 2002 pentium celeron.

I wish SSD's where cheaper but that is an upgrade for perhaps next year. Spinning hard drives...you have to be very careful with them but they can last for years...my main drive is perhaps 6 years old.