Friday, October 28, 2005

A short week ahead.

Here is the I posted before....There will be a vote in Gunsan city.
Basically many companies will have the day off including us. This is unexpected, especially for us because it was assumed that academies would still be running.

So Novemeber which is a long month in the holiday department, suddenly becomes almost like many of the summer monthes. On that day I will hang out with a friend of mine he works at GM daewoo. I have posted pictures of him and his son on this blog before. He is a nice guy, we both enjoy fishing even though we are both are newbies at it.

So I have one more class then I will work out.....and go to a pc room. We should have a blast!

Tomorrow we are going to Jeon-ju, to Outback steakhouse. I is nice place to eat, BUT last time we ran into the strange Canadian couple we met last year.....AAAARGGHHHH.

Hopefully we will not run into them this time.


A short week ahead.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A big vote in Gunsan next week.

Ok here is the scoop! In Gunsan a company has proposed the construction of a nuclear waste facility. Now of course this has raised many concerns among the residents here.
It has virtually split the city in two. There are the yellows (who are against construction, and carry yellow flags showing the nuclear symbol, with a red "X" through it or a red circle crossing out the nuclear symbol), they seem to be the most active in my opinion.

Then there are the greens, they are for the nuclear waste facility. They carry around green flags that promote the construction, saying things like the new facility will bring more investment into Gunsan.

Now the yellows are afraid of leaking waste, pollution, and the stigma that a nuclear waste facility might have on Gunsan. I is a WASTE facility, maybe a power plant might sound better? I dunno. But what i do know is that next week there will be a vote. Some people will take time off from Work, just to vote. If I am free that day I will lay low. Protest tend to get violent here.....and do not want to be hit by a flying object meant for the greens, or the yellows, or just a flying object in general..... I mean large flying objects (projectiles) just do not agree with me, if it is outside of a sport.

Not meantion I stand out.....I might make a nice juicy target!
I am very curious as to what changes such a facility will bring. Other Korean cities have not done well after such a facility was bulit....hmmm I wonder...Gunsan a ghost town?

Oh some good news! The dvd room that Yogita and I frequent is having a special event.
It is their 3rd year in business, and for that certain vip members, will be able to watch a free movie! WOOOHOOO. Go me go me go me go me!

Ok....this week I will have extra work.....oh well. We will buy some Indian clothes in Daejon next weekend. I wanted to go this weekend, but I want to chill at home, or maybe go to Outback Steak house.....Yogita's favorite place to eat out at! (and mine too!).

ok i gotta go~!

Sunday, October 23, 2005


well, George was sick for a week but now he is doing well.....i stayed home with him and got alot of rest. Also today Jemal and I tried playing Lineage from a pc room here and it was Cool! We had alot of fun! Tomorrow we will take George out and probably watch a movie.

George did'nt eat much because he was sick....anyways today he was feeling better and the first thing that he asked us was "daddy hamburger" was sweet..we took him to McDonalds and got him a burger!!!

Well, Its time to go now. Bye


well, George was sick for a week but now he is doing well.....i stayed home with him and got alot of rest. Also today Jemal and I tried playing Lineage from a pc room here and it was Cool! We had alot of fun! Tomorrow we will take George out and probably watch a movie.

George did'nt eat much because he was sick....anyways today he was feeling better and the first thing that he asked us was "daddy hamburger" was sweet..we took him to McDonalds and got him a burger!!!

Well, Its time to go now. Bye

Friday, October 21, 2005

Rainy friday!

Ok it is friday once again. I think I will drop by a friend in Iksan, maybe have lunch. We have alot of winter cleaning to do, and I would like spend some time with my family outdoors this weekend...but with the weather the way it is....I am not too sure. I want to work out this saturday. I have not been very ragular this week. Which sucks! I have to finish my last class on time next week...I want to work out at least 4 days next week.

We have loads of movies to watch though....looks like a movie watching marathon.
I think I will make up for missing at the gym by using my wieghts at home.

I also have to put both notebook computers in the shop, mine needs a new hdd, while Yogita's needs a need ac adapter.

Maybe I can get a hdd over the weekend here in Gunsan?

Ok i gotta go!


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Some wedding pics!!

Here is a photo of a couple we know one is a teacher (the lady) and her fiance who is a friend of ours.

Actually they are both friends of ours. They will be getting married on Nov. 12th.

Koreans tend to marry in their late 20's to early 30's. Many will live with thier parents until that time. It was not uncommon for on of myt students (male in his mid 30's but single) get a phone call from his mother, ask him when he would be returning home.

When I first arrived here I thought that is was funny, inside I would laugh...I mean..your 30....and at home with Mom and Dad?? I have seen so many people in thier 30's living with thier parents that is seems...normal...

There are many things that Koreans do that are different from what Americans, or Indians do. Yogita and I talk about it all the time. Somethings we have grown accustomed to, while others...well...lets just say we dislike it strongly, but say nothing.

For is not uncommon, actually it is VERY common to see toddlers in the front seat in the lap of the driver. Sometimes I have seen the parents, or grandparents playing with child, as they are waiting for a traffic light.

Imagine a toddler playing in the front seat, with no restraining system just having a jolly ole' time. Or a young child doing the same.
On our way to Pusan (actually we have taken that route twice) we have seen etched in chalk on the highway (up in the mountains) the outline of 2 cars (the locataion of their wheels usually, in Korea in the event of an accident your required to use spray paint to outline location of your if you see spray paint you know there was an accident...I think it is for legal reasons...), and that of a small body...likely some baby that some had riding shotgun.

Well not take away from the couple here in the picture they look very happy together and we wish them all the best!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Had a nice chat yesterday night!

Talked to my younger sister over the net using mics. Had nice conversation, also I got hear our nephew! He is a such cute little little guy!

This week my schedule has changed perhaps for about another 3 monthes.
Until the spring, hopefully I will remain on this schedule, but it might change.

November will be a long month in that there are no national holidays. It is ok by me, cause in Dec, Jan, and Feb we will have holidays.

People chatting over the net is nice! Very nice, cheap all you need a pc with a mic, and speakers. There is only a 2 second delay when talking, but it is easy to get used to.

I hope my Mom will get online soon so I can chat with her on a regular basis, I have chatted with my twin brother, and younger sister. I hope to use this more, as it is very simple and fast.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Winter is coming.....

I can feel it more and more, the chill in mornings, the early morning students arrive later and later. It is getting dark earlier... Of course this does not compare to Alaska. Where during the winter it becomes dark very early, and remains dark most of the day.

And in the summer you have the "white" nights. I miss that about Alaska...very different up there.

Yesterday we saw Interpreter, it was such a good movie! It seems that we are on a roll! For the last 4 movies we have watched they have all been very nice.

The last movie that sucked was Japanese movie.....BOY THAT MOVIE SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strange acting, odd scenes that seemed to make NO SENSE!!!!

LOL I mean this guy was supposed to have this special strong armor.....BUT the armor looked like cotton! Heck it was COTTON! Then he is fighting some bad guys, and they are armed with swords...I am thinking "with that special armor he will have no problems defeating them..." Stab! The sword goes right through!!!!! The main character staggers about but he never is really dead...just sort of bloodied, and limping around........ugh 3 hours of that nonsense....some Japanese movies...well most of them that we have seen made no sense to us......

Ok I gotta go!


Sunday, October 09, 2005

End of Our Vacation!!!!Back to Work!!!!

well, today is the last day of our 1week vacation. It was a lot of fun!!
we chilled at home, played lineage, spend time together as a family, went on road trips, visited Seoul and a whole bunch of other stuff....
But alas! all good things must come to an end and so did our vacation ^ ^

anyways we are kind of excited about going back to work and having our crazy routine back up and

I got to do a lot of thinking during the vacation and one thing i realized was that we(humans) are always RUSHING...for something or other so i have decided to take it it one day at a time..

well just because the vacation is over doesn't mean i can't does it!!!!! :)

Friday, October 07, 2005


Well we have had alot fun, and rest. I am actually looking forward to going back to work. I think my schedule will me extra time.

We went to Seoul again, after driving up and down south korea looking for a place that we typed into our navigation incorrectly. 400km.....well it was fun we had some really nice conversation....George was was happy.

I think in December the school will close down for a couple of days, we will go back up to Seoul then...we had some really nice North Indian food. Some Indians when they cook they pill in chillies, and spices. Well...not Yogita! Her cooking is very very nice! Very flavorful, with out being overpowering. This resturant was exactly the same! Very nice north Indian dishes reasonably priced....YUMMY! We will go back there!

Ok I have some banking to do!