Monday, September 27, 2010


Wow, time flew by! We did not travel as we had planned, I really feel that it was not a good idea.
I am happy we did not go, in Seoul they received HEAVY amounts of rain. So much rain that in picture it looked liked cars where swimming! It is not common for Seoul to get so much rainfall.
Yogita and I rested, talked alot, rested, talked, played eve, called family. I forgot to get nice phone fault.

Now I feel like things will return to normal. Normal was about 6 months ago. A new teacher will arriving. We will do our best to help the new teacher settle in. I think all will go well.

This weekend we will venture out, and travel. We haven't been traveling since our road trip, so I am eager to get out and take Yogi somewhere. She really loves to look out of car at nature as we drive by.

Overall I would say this chusok was the best in terms of time spent getting to know each other. Previous years it was all hustle and bustle, traffic jams, and basically the normal stress related to traveling during a peak season.

Sometimes it is nice to just kick back and chill!


Monday, September 20, 2010

The day before....

Well it turns out that today will be alot busier than I thought. I have to cover another teachers classes. It is all ok by me, they are good kids, that we have taught over the years. I am feeling a bit
drained though. We are going to hit the road tonight for a nice short drive (perhaps sun-cheon).
The thing is Chu-seok is at hand, and that means heavy congestion. Right now even in a small city like Gunsan it is looking more and more Seoul with the traffic congestion.

Many adult students will not come to class, so I am expecting to only a few faces, or perhaps no one. Chu-Seok has changed in its scope, and meaning over the years. Years ago people lived in small villages, so Chu-seok was a gathering that took place in the village. Today people go overseas, while others visit resorts throughout Korea. It was reported that hotels be at 90% capacity. That is bad news for us, many small hotels will have no room, or might charge higher rates.

We plan on using side roads, and avoiding the clogged highways. If you notice this weird paragraph style....its cause I am falling asleep as i am typing this.

Ok on to part 2!


Sunday, September 12, 2010


It was raining all yesterday and earlier stopped raining now...everything looks clean and shiny...i especially love the sky after looks so blue and bright after the constant gloomy i was listening to music and looking out of the window at the sparkling sky, freshly cleaned tress and the beautiful green fields...feeling the cool wind ruffle my hair...the air smelled of freshly churned earth.....the sky was filled with these fluffy white clouds that looked like soft cotton close that you could almost reach out and touch was AMAZING!!!!! i am a nature person...these kind of things make me feel very happy and relaxed...I like looking at the beauty that surrounds us and enjoying Jehovah's creation.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Finally the month most of Korea has been waiting for! This time Chu-sok falls right in the middle of the week. So Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are holidays. YAAAY! We will be getting the Monday off (I am not sure about Friday, but hey its a Friday!).

So we now have some downtime coming. On another note, we have a typhoon heading our way. These typhoons are not as strong a hurricanes but they can still pack a wallop. I am really looking forward to the cooling rains. I plan to stay off the roads if heavy rains persist into the weekends.

When we were returning from our road trip, we had to drive in VERY heavy rain. I mean it was so heavy that it was blinding, visibility was perhaps 3 meters...on a highway! driving in heavy monsoon rain for me.

So for the month of September I look forward to cooler temps, nearly a week off, and meeting the new teacher.