Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's heating up!

So according to the news this summer will be a very hot one. I feel kinda bad because we had time to prepare and buy a air conditioner on the cheap. That is we should have bought one in the winter...very nice deals. NOW...we have moved to a new apartment, and now it looks like this summer will be a baking hot one.

It looks like it is time to browse Gmarket, an online shopping mall. Gotta escape the heat!!!


Friday, May 20, 2016


Wow this week flew by. It started kind of normal, then once Wednesday was seems my week is over. We are waiting on 2 new teachers, I am stoked because then the workload will lighten up on our lead teacher Josh. Today thought I would be hanging out in Iksan. Lets just say vodka not only relaxes, it can dull your senses,,,especially after a long day.

So next week we will have a good time GUNSAN!! Actually, Iksan has more to will be nice to show Josh, and Juan where Yogita and I hang out.

I got a new laptop...this baby is fully modular, with dual graphics (on board, and a dedicated card). I even have a back up motherboard!! Usually when the motherboard goes on a is the end of the road. Not this time! Oh and the motherboard has the cpu on it! Basically I have the bare bones of a laptop...meaning I could buy a broken m11 x r2 laptop pop this motherboard in, and I will ready to go!

It has a dual core intel i7 640 with hyperthreading which means each cpu can handle 2 threads is like having 4 cores.

I hope Josh sells his monster Alienware I will grab that one up too. DUAL GTX 970's!!!!!!!

Ok Yogita will be ready soon

Oh yeah...camping tomorrow!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What time we had!

Well last week was a blast. I really need to rush to get this out cause I have a class in 12 minutes. First, Yogita met Josh, and Juan. We went to nice pizza place and had a good time. Afterwards I learned more about Josh...the dude is famous!!! He has a book autographed by Anthony Bourdain. WHAT??    

Wow, and he plays the guitar really well! I have to say my brains got fried and bits and pieces are missing. Apparently I was singing Chasing Cars with Yogita. I remember listening to the music...crap I think I was singing in my head...well I guess I thought that was what I was doing..

The next day still recovering from Soju induced brain damage we went camping. The camping went really well, and Yogita and I posted pictures on facebook. It got really windy and blew half of the tent down. Bo, another friend who works in Gunsan, came up with a great idea. We used my car as a sort of wind breaker, as well as tying the poles to the rims. 
No more collapsing tent after that! Wow what time we had. We slept the rest of Saturday, and Sunday seemed to pass in a blur. 

Hey hey I got 4 minutes left! 


Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Long day ahead!

Well it is going to be a long day tomorrow. It isn't like I am not used to long days. Split shifts are killer, especially when your first class begins at 6:30 am, and you heading home at 10pm. I am covering for another teacher taking his late class. I am doing it for him because I have been in that situation before. Let me explain, basically he needs to catch a train at a certain time to travel with his girl friend. I have been in that same boat, where it would have been nice if I could have left earlier if someone covered for me. I kinda felt bad for him. He will buy me a burger king burger next week.....YES!!! I will skip breakfast that day!

So now I am about to finish up some paperwork, I am mentally preparing myself for tomorrow. I am very excited as well, Yogita will come to Iksan and meet up with me, and along with Josh we will go out on the town!

So...lets get it done!!!


Monday, May 02, 2016

Getting ready!

Last Friday we made plans to go camping for two days. My major concern is getting to the area early enough to secure a good spot. The location is the same place we went late summer last year. The campsite is very close to the beach, and I can park my car right next to our site. We will grill some of the usual fare: pork shoulder, and pork belly. We plan to go into town and buy some fresh seafood as well. Chun-jang-dae beach isn't far from Gunsan only 25 kilometers or so, and there is a small town not 5 km's away. If we need to get some additional supplies we can hop in the car, and get what we need. 

I am sure the boys are very excited about this trip. Usually, we only go camping overnight. Early the next day we pack up, and head home. Not this time! We will start for the site as early as possible, secure a spot. is ours for 2 days!!! I think it is 25,000 a day, plus 5000 a day for electricity. We will be going with our friend Bo, and I will invite Sun to come along as well. 

Oh well work calls..gotta complete those comments!!