Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rainy season

Rain rain thats our weather forecast. This year it's cooler than last year.
It actually feels really nice during the rains. Which is unusual during June.
During this month when the rains arrive it is hot and humid, with a strong warn wind in gunsan.
Now it does get hot buy when the rains come it feels like a warm spring day.
Right now I am setting in a classroom while George finishes his work. We are very confortable because of the
Wind. At home it is the same in the evenings I feel I need to wear a thicker t-shirt at night.
So I think I'm going to like this summer. We are still planning on going to Seok-cho and I have a feeling it will be cooler than usual.

Ok time to go!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

PC Upgrade time!

Well it was that time again. This time EVE online released a new expansion and a very nice one at that. This one though Yogi's dated 9500 GT 512 ddr3 graphic card could not keep up. There was lag and a huge drop in fps. So we decided lets get her the same card that I have which beats the pants off of the gt 8600, the gts 250 1 gig. This card rocks! It does run hot though so I am thinking about a cooling solution. Basically I can turn up the settings on most recent games and it just shines.

We hit a snag at the pc store though. They had no gts 250 1 gig's in stock and only 1 used gts 250 512mb card...yuck! These days games are video memory hungry. Basically the more memory you have the better. You game runs smoothly for as long as you play the game. Now if you use a 256 or 512 vram card, well expect your game to get sluggish after long play times, as the card video cache gets full too quickly.

So back to the store, we had to settle for a gf 440 card which while it is MUCH better than the 9500 gt, it doesn't come close to the gts250 in performance.

Yogita installed the card herself, go go little brown lady! It works like a charm, but we are considering getting a better card later this year......err.....maybe 2 graphic cards?


PC Upgrade time!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Strange Sunday night!

Yesterday we had a nice time. We took a short drive to Go-Chang, a city little over 100 kms south of Gunsan. Go-chang is famous for Eel, and Mountain berry wine. It was a beautiful day and because it was not peak season it was not packed with people.

In Korea a number of foods are said to aid in stamina. Basically male erectile performance. I do not understand why they use the word stamina. Well i did not understand until yesterday night, or rather this morning.

We ate a total of 3 Eels grilled in tasty sauce, with a number of side dishes. If you want a picture just check out my facebook page.

We were up until the wee hours of morning just staring at the ceiling. ARRRRGGGHH.

Oh well I better post this....started it on Monday, and finished in on Thursday.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend classes almost over!

It seems like yesterday when our weekend program began, and now it is practically over. We will have final testing, and evaluations next week. I plan on giving personal evaluations to each of my students. It has been perhaps 16 weeks or so, and now I have forgotten what a Saturday feels like, where you do not have work.

The first week of July I plan on taking my family somewhere nice and relaxing. We will see.
We will have vacation time at the end of July and Yogi and I have decided: NO COMPANY CLASSES.

We have sacrificed our vacations for one particular company, which results in our not getting good quality time off. Over the past 2 years I remember listening to students from that company telling me "Oh I did this, and that on my vacation", then at the end of the day you realize "hey they got to enjoy themselves, why not me?"

So in 2011, no more company classes during vacations. People need a break, including me, and I will not give it up to just to wait on others. No way!

So we will take a much needed and deserved vacation, perhaps to the east coast. We are considering Seok-cho. We would leave Wednesday night of that week and head out east, and enjoy the beach. I am thinking 3 days 2 nights ought to be enough.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Arrgh My Tummy!

Ouch! It happened again! My stomach is hurting everytime drink something, or eat. I think the raw garlic I, and raw onions are catching up with me again. I will go to my doctor tomorrow for a check up. He knows how to fix me up. I will no longer eat raw garlic, my stomach lining simply can not take it.

Our weekend classes will come to a close next weekend, and the following week I want to take the family on a long drive. Something we could not enjoy for a long time.

Jeyo is enjoying his preschool, and his school fees are due, George is doing well in his studies as well. Yogita and I are doing well but really looking forward to the first week of July (I wonder if there is a 3 day weekend for us in July).

Car news: We got a new starter motor, and now she starts like a charm!
I think we need to upgrade Yogi's graphic card, and our operationing systems to windows 7.

ok time to go!